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A lot of talk about, you know. Did the Broncos get the Short end of the stick and, you know, draw the short straw because their tests have been clean and they've been able to abide by protocols and not have any positive tests. And yet the Patriots have the positive test and they get their bye week shuffled around and they're going to get Cam Newton. Presumably back for the game against the Broncos, and the Broncos have to give up their bye week in week eight for one that was unscheduled last week, and they practice through it in all this. And I do think there is by the way, and let's just go there for a moment. And if you wanna weigh in 303713 85 85, I do think there is something to all that, you know. I understand, And I think all of us understand that in this season in this time with Cove, it still a factor for all of us. In life to one degree or another to some very serious factor for them and their families or for others. Just Because it affects our lives and how we're trying to go about raising families working in supporting our our families, ourselves and all the rest. So we know its a factor. We know it's out there and yet I I can understand if you were in the world of the NFL as an NFL player, and a lot of people took issue to this, or at least some did on Social media. Like, you know, just you guys get a good paycheck. Just play just roll with it. Just deal with it, and I really do see both sides of it. I I understand that That there is the element of Having to just deal with life. We all have to deal with the curve balls that cove it is throwing our way. Sometimes the curves are more frequent and More severe and other times. It's like all right, well would just sort of rolling along here and making do But But I also understand if you're an NFL player, I mean that is your world. And so it does matter at some level and quite honestly within the world of the NFL, trying to be fair and equitable and all the rest while also trying to get a season in and knowing that nothing is going to be perfect. You know, the Broncos did get the short end of the stick. It's not a It's on a defender, but they did. They've been doing it right now. I completely agree with the perspective that Vic Fangio has Put forth and put forth on Sunday when the decision was made, he said, a couple things he said, Number one. We know That it could have been us. And, yes, the Broncos could end up with a positive test. Even if guys are doing what it takes viruses going a virus. It just works that way. And sometimes, even when you mean sometimes we all get sick. Even though we're going about our lives, we were even pre Covad days. Right. You pick up a cold, you pick up a stomach bug. Whatever it just happens. So He is completely right in that it could be the Broncos. And number two I love would, Vic said when he said it really shows through them. Owners and groaners are when something like this happens, and he said, I'm going to do everything I can. To make sure that Denver Broncos aren't in that camp and I really respect that. I do. I also understand why in the immediate aftermath I'II Sunday. There were quite a few tweets from players that were like, What's the deal of this? I mean, why are we doing it right and we get penalized for it so We haven't seen as much of that over the last day or so. Publically on social media, and I wonder if it's because Victor sent the message. All right, guys, let's let's just deal with this. Let's you know, let's look at the bright side. Philip Lindsay is going to be healthier than he would have been this past Sunday. Drew lock may actually start against the Patriots. Oh, man, I hope so. Yeah, that would not have happened. Maybe know a fan comes back. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, but questions as B k and he'll document all the guys. I mean, Draymond Jones and DeMarcus Walker and all these guys who have been hurt and banged up You know, they're a little bit closer to being healthier now. I wouldn't want to lose the week eight by for a week five by nobody would really want that if you're an NFL player. But That's just the situation they're in. And as the for the Broncos being a young team who struggled so far this year. I mean, this could be a blessing in disguise, even though you want that bye week, and that's a crucial part of the NFL season. I think an extra week of practice can't hurt And then you get the rest of these guys that are banged up. I mean, I think it could work in their favour. It might. It might work in there, especially when it comes to drew lock. If drew lock plays and is healthy enough to play. Then that would be huge because you always want to have drew lock start as many games as you can 303713 85 85 on the text line. 56690, however, you are listening to us. We appreciate it, whether it be in the Denver area on the I heart radio at Chris's in Greeley joining the show. Hello, Chris. Hey, guys, How you doing,.

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