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Starts now. Seventeen seconds. Still have time Thursday night football in New York. The Philadelphia Eagles twenty four the giants six Carson Wentz. Thirteen of one thousand nine hundred sixty four yards and two touchdowns. Meanwhile, Eli manning nine to twenty two one hundred forty two yards and one interception. Big nights. So far saquon Barkley nine carries for seventy one yards. Also four receptions for seventy eight yards. Be one else. Nagwa philly. Two catches for ninety yards touchdowns mouth. Sean Jeffrey, Zach ertz and Corey Clement. Meanwhile, it is going to be game. One of the NFL CS come Friday in Milwaukee, the brewers find the announcing what they're doing pitching wise. Here's manager Craig counsel. We have to think about this series differently covering the number of innings. We have to cover. It's definitely something. We have to think about differently. So we've done things differently. And we we feel like we've done differently. A whole bunch of the season. So he's going to be part of the conversation. But we also have to understand that visit different series, and it's different requirements for our for our pitching staff. And so we got to keep that in mind. Meanwhile, the dodgers day counter. Clayton Kershaw GIO Gonzalez of the walkie Dave Roberts on the series. Yeah. We want we want to finish off what we didn't finish off last year. So that's been our focus since after that game seven we're in a position right now where we can give ourselves an opportunity to get back there. But you do that by playing good baseball. So I think we do a very good job of not getting too far ahead of ourselves. But understanding the ultimate goal. Chili Davis getting fired as a cub hitting coach after just one season. Meanwhile, the Saint Louis cardinals and Adam Wainwright agreeing to a one year deal. This will be his fifteenth season all of them with the cardinals NHL scoreboard games, currently ongoing. Six seconds remaining Vancouver to one lead a Tampa Bay twelve minutes. Going the third LA Shana got Montreal to nothing for the rest of the scoreboard, NBC sports radio dot com. I'm Dan Schwartzman. Dan schwartzman. His team every night in-depth sports coverage and that so. NBC sports radio. Going t- with Dan Schwartzman. We're actually pretty much at halftime here. Thursday night football in New York. And it's bad. It really is bad. The Philadelphia Eagles just dominating the New York Giants. It is twenty four to six. That's how bad it is does not get much worse than this. But that's what it is. I mean, the reality is the New York Giants.

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