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NASCAR Kevin Harvick takes the checkered flag at the Michigan international speedway I know how the bears have a Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time five eighteen traffic and weather together on the eighth floor of on Eaton's expressway a twenty three minute trip in either direction between like cook in the Kennedy junction the the spurs just a little congested in both directions get through long term roadwork Kennedy thirteen to the junction ten in the express thirty five to o'hare half an hour in from here eighteen and from the junction your hair extension I one nineties slow in both directions Eisenhower twenty one to Mannheim thirty four to three ninety thirty five in from three ninety twenty two from Mannheim up Stevenson twenty minutes to Cicero a half an hour to the tri state forty to three fifty five in bonus cleared out half an hour from three fifty five to lake shore drive twenty and from the tri state I fifty five south of I eighty is slow in both directions approaching Blodgett because of road work Dan Ryan twenty five out found twenty seven inbound I fifty seven of the bishop forty to fifty minutes in either direction lakeshore Dr slow in both directions get through Grant Park and approaching the stoplight at Chicago Avenue tri state tollway southbound slow from one seventy six two Deerfield a little tight from Balmoral two grand I fifty five to the lawn a mile long bridge as well northbound from bishop Ford Holston Jane Addams eastbound is slow on the ramp to route fifty three Reagan veterans memorial three ninety eight route fifty three all okay I eighty east bound is jammed from division street to county road three thousand with reports of a crash eighty ninety four westbound is slow from Christmann road to the bishop Ford in the delay there's a crash at central blocking the left lane Indiana toll road is heavy westbound from Buchanan to Gerry road get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM could to get to shower thunderstorm the area tonight muggy conditions all of seventy two a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow warm and humid a high of eighty.

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