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We talked about a little earlier What the change in Romeo Cornell has done. For the Houston Texas. Well, Raheem Morris is certainly straightened out the Falcons in the short term. Can they do it once again today as they take on the two and three lines and checking in from Mercedes Benz Stadium is Jeff's el Jefe. Good afternoon. Hello. Rich. Yeah, the one in five kids healthy for the week and attack. McKinley defensive end ready to start. No injuries for them. Two and three. Lions for Falcon doesn't troop on is inactive. Now you're right. Atlanta looked a lot better. And head coach Raheem Morris is first name his head coach against the Vikings last week, much more organized and focused on defense. And energized on offense with Julio Jones back former pro bowler Deon Jones, whose name rich We barely heard it this year was all over the place last week, including a pick How can still lead the league and surrendering 18 touchdown passes this year. That's three again and they've allowed 11 touchdown passes to tight ends. Which explains why I saw Samy, TJ Hawkins and George is on the way to the stadium today. One thing both teams have in common. Loan losses to the Bears for Detroit. DeAndre Swift dropped the go ahead touchdown pass a week one with 11 seconds to go in the game in week. Three Falcons blood the Bears 26 to 10 with nine minutes in 19 seconds left in the game at home and lost 30 to 26 after Dan Quince team inexplicably threw the ball six times. In their next seven offensive plays with the lead all were incomplete and therefore stopped the clock. You look a the Falcons today. Coming off the window last week. What is different? Eso far under of Raheem Morris, from what you could gather. Well, the defense is much more organized and focused. They had three picks last week. It just looks like a different team. It looks like a team is paying more attention to detail. They also replaced the special teams coach after that ridiculous play, and the Cowboys where they didn't Fall on an onside kick. And it was interesting because there were a couple onside kicks last week. You saw the Falcons knew exactly what they were doing. You know, as you would think any protein would, but they Fell on the ball and got the ball on offense. A lot more energized Julio Jones back and healthy that Ryan made some old time that Italian place where it looks like he's going to run came back. Saul received through it to Jones. And Jones got a touchdown for the team just looked a lot more organized, focused and confident last week, and so much of this team has been about blowing leads. But last week when they were able to hold the ball for 40 minutes of the game, that's not going to give the opposition as much time again. This is a team that likes to throw the ball and Matt Ryan had a terrific game last week 30 of 40 for 371 yards, but how much of that? Is not necessarily look. They're not going T O tell a passing game, but but making smarter place. Well, making smarter place used. The running game haven't intertwined, not running so much on second down, setting up third and long and also they had three picks when it's a team that under Dan Quinn, they were saying, we turn up. We need to get turnovers. They never got turnovers. Well, last week, they got three. That's one of the reasons your offense has such a lead in time of possession. And of course, as I mentioned earlier, this is a bit of a homecoming to the state. Where both Matthew Stafford DeAndre swift. More recently, Swift played college football. Of course, Desmond Trufant missing this reunion as he is an active today. And and you know what else? Isaac Nada, who was a highly highly sought after recruit came to Georgia the same year as Matthew Stafford was the top Titan in the nation. He is also on the Lions. So, yes, several lines players with key Georgia connections and both running backs on each side of the ball. Todd Gurley for the Falcons. DeAndre Swift for the Lions are former Georgia bulldog so It should be a fun game to watch. Well, it's going to be interesting to say the least, is ah lions right now and to win three. You never know what you're going to expect from them on, Of course, Kenny Golladay back after the hamstring injury against the one in five Falcons, And who knows what to expect? Do we, Seymour? The what we saw from them the first five weeks or more of what we saw from them last week. Thanks for checking in, Jeff, we will talk. Shortly after kick off in a little more than a half an hour from now look forward to it all right. Jeff's L in Atlanta, the 15 Falcon's looking to make it back to back wins under Raheem Morris after Dan Quinn was fired, taking on the Lions and two and three and the Lions are a team that you look at them and you say they should be better than they are. Of course. Jeff mentioned the blown lead to the Bears in the season opener, and that has been Ah, happening a lot to this team. Under map, Patricia will see if they can get the wind today moved to the 500 mark, or whether the Falcons could build off last week's win and make it back to back games. Still a couple of sites to get to the battle of Ohio the Bengals in Brown's coming up, we'll check in in New Orleans, Rene know is almost like a reunion Sunday here with Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers in New Orleans today, and, of course, the winless bills winless Jets. With Sam Darnold backup quarterback taken on the Bills, who have suffered back to back losses after starting the season for nose. So as I mentioned before, this is a bit of a get right game today for the Bills. If you will see what will happen at MetLife Stadium will check in with Mike Moriarity, all coming up in the next segment, But right now we want to get you caught up to date on all the latest that's going on in the sports world. The latest CBS Sports Radio update You're Seth Cantor..

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