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There you go. That's not bad. How about a penalty for twenty bucks from rick richmond first year. We have one defensive utility player. What's the best strategy for selection of high scoring player. Look for a tat. A linebacker that gets a lot of tackles especially. If you're only starting one defensive player do not spend a valuable pick on that one player round eight at absolute earliest for somebody like darius leonard. Are there twelve players. You think that are good enough where you don't really have to invest heavily in this spot now. No you think. There's no. I mean i'm gary davenport the iep master would probably laugh at me for saying no. But i just. I really believe that you can find good people off the waiver. If i'm an elite where we start to five eight nine ninety. Ps every week and i still find good. Id players on the waiver wire every week. Yeah but that's different because a good. Id player on this waiver. Wire doesn't have to be very good. You know because there are so many. Idp's if you're an elite only starts twelve total. Id the entire league one per team. Your standards have to be a little bit higher. Obviously you're going to find somebody that you'll say. Okay i can start. You could literally stream the position if you want. How much much of. It edge does darius. Leonard give you well. It's theoretically somebody that you never have to replace in your lineup. That's a good thing so last work that has to be done but i don't know if he's necessarily going to give you a huge edge. I don't know if it's like. A travis kelsey ish type of edge. Okay let me go on. And not the best. Eric b eric eric. Ten team to quarterback league. I've been playing in this league for ten plus years. I know my league made semi tendencies. We've never drafted like a true to qb league knowing this. Would you guys prefer a team that had cuyler in brady as okay kyle brady quarterback zeke and carson running back metcalf and woods at wide receiver and tyler higby so very strong. This is a good team Or tannahill and brady instead of kylie brady..

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