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Woody Allen, Selena Gomez, Newsweek discussed on Rolling Stone Music Now


Whoa while he was negative backtracked from it we forgot the other thing he's done that is it's as if he's getting all the wrong advice which is the he just within a woody allen movie yes and was wind was pledging support for women post woody allen without ever a you know sort of getting into any of that there's just like a lot of bad timing tears almost comical right he just like he's just stepping into every possible hall and then just syrup likely bouncing up and down understanding with the big deal is right isn't that sort of an fbi areas i think that the fact that he has not said over it about it and i think a lot of and i mean we're seeing this and it's it's not just to him in general were seen that with a movie that woody allen made with timoteo charlemagne selena gomez and selena gomez has got a lot of backlash from fans for participation in that film especially since it was filmed after that dylann pharaoh allegations were made even more public and so i think that with it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out with a lot of artis someone at this still just existing newsweek made a a good list of justin timberlake headlines the recapture the moment it's incredible get ready justin timberlake is officially on now justin timberlake is rebranding as a white man remember when justin timberlake was good justin timberlake is widely mocked after unveiling new album quote listens to bonnie rare once destined to my gets roasted for men words checklist doing foul drag justin timberlake rose mcgowan slams just justin timberlake fake woke nissim lack of accountability won't fly in two thousand eighteen prince mocking white guy justin timberlake to hold paisley park event and let's go back to the prints thing actually because here's the problem with the prince thing it's not just if he did this tribute to prince just completely in the abstract i'm not sure be that big deal just.

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