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I, tell you about Amac, the Association of Mature American citizens have you joined yet now more than ever mounting problems or fishing, America government growth erosion of liberties and the enormous financial burden. Our children and grandchildren will inherit if we do not AMAC is the conservative alternative to other. Groups so so I I met them in two, thousand, seven eight o'clock become a formidable defender of our values. Now, two million members strong and growing. The benefits of joining Aimak. You become part of an honest active in conservative force one, the counters, the radical left suggested it's your chance to do well and good at once keeping. America. Strong. The on advocacy AMO gives you access to every day money saving benefits, special rates in car insurance. So phones travel discounts more. You'll also receive a mixed bi monthly magazine for love inciteful articles on issues of motor. Most San with may stand with Amac even more vital now with the election ahead, join today the. US forward slash newt. That's A. M. A. C. Dot. U. S. forward slash newt AMAC US forward slash newt good morning. This is Laura Vendor Kim host of the new corner ops a podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work I just put out a new episode about how to light a fire under your career by making your Mondays. Matter. The episode was fueled by Nature Valley pack sustained energy bars. Here's a clip from the episode. So, here's my suggestion if you're working at home these days because of the pandemic us the time on Monday morning that you would have spent commuting. To tackle some big speculative project that you claim you never have time for. Tackling, something big and uncertain can light a fire under your career and doing this important but not urgent task. First thing means you start the week with a sense of victory. Brought to you by nature, Valley Pat, sustained energy bars for more tips on how to start well, sustain your energy and win the week check out the new Corner Office podcast available on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. When you think about this particular book, which is I think in some ways, one of the most interesting new Britain, a lot of interesting books but this one. Will teach more people more new things in most because you really in a fertile area here where people just don't know very much. Way, you, hope readers get out of this when they close the final page, what's your vision of real success with your readers? Well, that's a very good question. By the way my publisher is been with me since killing Lincoln the first book says, this is the best book. Of the killing series. Now, I can't make that determination like kids to me. These books, but I can tell you that I am really really angry. About how our nation Is being portrayed to the world by the radical left in this country. I am just furious about it. Because yes. The US government did some very bad things to native Americans. That is true. But it isn't all black and white some of it was inevitable. Every nation in this world, every single nation in the world on the planet. Has had exploitation of indigenous people. If you go to Australia, you have the aborigines go to New Zealand stories on and on and on everyone. It's always about power. It's always about expansion. Want people to know after they finish crazy horse that their country. was forged in a way that was very difficult. It was very hard just like a revolution just like. Abolishment of. Slavery Nothing. Comes easy. And there are mistakes that are made, but the nobility of the characters on both sides. Primarily I would say the native Americans I show their nobility. That they were people who are loyal to their wives and children and to protect them. And on the other side. People wanted to have better lives. We talked about the Oklahoma Sooners K. who are these people? Why were they out there trying to get the Indian lands it's a human story and that's what our nation is. Our nation is a human story and in any human story, there are good things and bad things and I think that we have written a fair book a book that if you read it, you'll know more about your country than ninety percent of the people that you know. When you got into this and you began researching this book. But was the biggest surprise to to you. I think the biggest surprise was the intensity of seventy eight year war. And then the evolution of American society in the beginning nobody knew about four cams and the three hundred whites who were slaughtered by the creeks nobody knew why that happened or how it happened because there wasn't any. News. Anything out of it. All right. It was only months after that the American people were presented with the horror that happened there, and that's because Andrew Jackson was sent down. By President Monroe to. Quell the uprising and that got a little bit of attention. So America's didn't really know what was happening until after the civil war because that's when photography came in. and. So you see an evolution of information flow once photography came in and once people could take pictures of the native Americans themselves of massacre sites of all of this, you know in the little bighorn fight four journalists were killed. They were riding with custer. And to cover. The fight because everybody knew there was going to be a big fight between custer and crazy horse was like a heavyweight bout. And they all got killed. Because everybody got killed crazy horse. He was so far ahead of custer and custer was a good general. I mean we tell you about his history and the civil war and things like that. But crazy horse just absolutely maneuvered him and. It's a saga, but it's fun to read in. You'll stay up late reading it, and then when you're finished, you'll be able to discuss this all day long with anybody you know and it's interesting to me. It's just fascinating..

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