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Komo killed as you want to be nice you can't be nice to do and then when you're done you're like man i'm miss just yeah but i was finding the angle toward ago didn't damage the you know not endemic thing is tough man he will charge you for every scratch upheaval insurance so i'm back the renaissance on this thing johnny knoxville thank you did we knew like at the u haul i'm not even lying about this he said so can we play demolition derby with this almost got me in trouble does overreacting komo why don't wanna move shit i'm gonna say it is right now he just don't wanna move us you don't wanna work and then we have way up in granite was hard what we were doing this you do all the packing no the packing harder than the move look ain't gonna make it sound like he's bad with a laser anything like that no she did a lot of packing yes you do some shit last minute to and and if it really involves some work she's you give you give her like one trip to care some just slightly heavy in yesterday a she was saying this is like a nightmare what carrying fucking fan i mean going gong in down steps and back to the truck and back into the building like repeating the same thing over and over again it's called moving them right let's stay here in this like fucking he just stopped the mexicans in the drought the dalai.

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