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Moniker to the stage names. Artist spotlight series, featuring Ed Sheeran. Worship review was the inspiration behind that. Just I didn't have any sexually charged songs. Wants to write a free shave for the female for any shape. So that instead of ROY a song? You'll be. I'm in love with you. Other night it made sense in my head. Artist spotlight series, featuring Bazi. It's such a beautiful thing lengthy songs that were so personal to me, and I spent so much time like dissecting in producing and do the tedious production. Details for hours, and then you bring them to life in front of an audience, and almost makes you like, you know, I've always made music for people to connect. But, you know, adding in paying in person is a whole different aspects. It's like it's not only to connect with the people there, but to create this moment in this in this in this community almost every night, which is so special, and this has been really cool. Anything egotistical isn't cool with sadness. You know, you don't put that chess up. You don't put that front because you you're this confident guy you do because you're insecure, and you're hiding your motions behind your call. You're hiding on your money because there's a sad person inside of there. Beautiful. Christmas.

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