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And I think that is a paranormal investigator you stories our children who seems to be haunting a place, and you're instantly just kind of on edge. You are. And then the, you know, the saying Hollywood knows how to play it up to with the right conduct music, and the sounds, you know, just. I mean, it's just creepy. Isn't it? Well, that's the job. I mean, why pay good money to go? See a that kind of movie if you're not going to be entertained and scared that's true. Who would you say has the more of the paranormal experiences, the nurses doctors? The paramedics the patients who who comes across the more hands down the necessary. No question until I think it's because number one is have more prolonged patient care. Don't is an I have nothing, but total respect for both the sessions, but don't as a kind of very busy bustling around. You know, seeing a whole lot of patients are in the route out they can be necessarily. Although they do also have quite the load on the place. Do it. No, she's a more likely to spend extended time with individuals. And I think they form attachments. They become funded their patient, and I think not plays a role in it. But yeah. Father Nassar's by an order of magnitude, George what did some of the nurses tell you about some of their experience. Well, surprisingly common one because I like to look at the commonality surprisingly common. One would be that when a patient passed away in a specific room. Let's say specific hospital room afterwards. They would hit the coal button being crystal. They would they would hit the sound of footsteps moving around in that when they knew Yondo shadow of a doubt that this room was empty to one two. They had a room that had a reputation for it. Always for the time of the morning, usually two o'clock in the morning. They would thread getting the the help button pressed from a room. Everyone knew them pay Manassas would only go and pass to go. Check on the room, the coal. And this was cool after the electricity said check the wiring and replace the component and declared that there's nothing wrong with the alarm system. Did you ever have any nurses, Richard tell you that they were petrified scared by some of these things not many? And I think it's because nurses are in order to do that job. You have. To have quite five. You know, you have to have the backbone gotta meet town. You do. I mean, it's a jump. It takes a toll on you as a human being. So that professional there's some of my favorite people in well message. And so I almost would rather get on the bad side of the spirit. I'd like you say, nurses, are there all the time? It had. NCO's on the of the medical wells. And they really no disrespect the doctors. But they really make things happen. Did they ever talk about witnessing somebody dying? And then maybe seeing the ectoplasms leave or anything like that. You know, number of nurses, talk to me about the fact that they've seen some kind of light leaving the human body after death. And it's something that that they would talk about amongst themselves, or at least amongst colleagues that they trusted which was not everybody. But they they often described seeing a light kind of global. The body. Right up with and then disappear. I encountered that a number of times into your message. Why are hospitals in silence seemingly the most haunted? My theory on that is that if you look at what cold is a haunting generally speaking, obviously, it's all down to energy, George, and you you tend to find very positive and very negative emotions..

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