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CBS news update health experts are watching closely several states ease up on their coronavirus restrictions Sarah Hawkins Smith went to a restaurant in Roseville California he went on all the tables they had menus that were disposable so people are reusing them I feel like they're doing a really good job which makes us feel a lot more safe Josh alone cone to reopen cafe country store in school here in New York it is now I'm a bit of a challenge but you know like this entire pandemic we've just been taking at in stride as best we can and going with that and you know figuring it out like everybody else they are governor Andrew Cuomo says we're in uncharted territory re opening right here on the other side of the tunnel and how do you re open and re opening smartly intelligently with individual responsibility so understanding your going to see an increase in the numbers but you don't want to see a spike CBS news update I'm Sam Litzinger K. CBS news time one thirty two today is the tenth anniversary of the national park trust kids to parks day but as KCBS is making gold three reports this year they're calling it parks two kids a day of ways to enjoy your own backyard or whatever green you can get to definitely a heightened awareness of the value of that all of our outdoor space there's no whether it's the parks in your neighborhood or the parks across town or another state I think people are yearning to be able to have that time outside grace Lee is the executive director of the national parks trust which created the day I think what we're finding is that families are being really creative and realizing that they and during this time can bring the hearts to their backyard or front stoop their driveway no the green space across the street and really still have those connections to nature but if you need some creative prompts they've posted a ton of ways to celebrate the day on the national parks trust website including creating leaf rubbings nature collages and turning your space into a mini park and on there the passport book that helps you track which parks you've been to has had a makeover back park passport app has over five hundred virtual experiences they can even earn junior ranger badges so they can be transported to wipe all kinos right canyon ridge and until now on the east coast natural can still discover and learn about parks in their community and all across the country making gold speak KCBS summer's right around the corner for many of us that traditionally means swimming but will public pools be open by then with the latest here's Katie CBS's Jim Taylor are the sounds of summer is state has said public swimming pools will re open as part of phase three of a return to normal we are just entering phase two so when his three state hasn't said yet when they're moving the phase three I think they're like all of us really looking at the data looking at the numbers which continue to rise statewide deaths and cases of the disease Dr Chris Fontana health officer Contra Costa county let's re visit within the arguments for keeping those polls closed pools that are laden with pouring in right we do know that chlorine kills viruses but we're also learning a lot more about how exercise increases the spread of coronavirus he also says when you exercise your breathing is more intense travels farther than six feet in same thing with people strumming your breathing above the water and so you're you're spreading that virus potentially above the water much further than six three summer Muschamp five weeks away doing some laps sure does sound appealing Jim Taylor KCBS KCBS this time one thirty five thinking about life insurance what if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly rated price competitive companies well that's exactly what happens when you call select quote life for example George is forty he was getting sky high quotes from other companies because he takes meds to control his blood pressure but when I shopped around.

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