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In on the proposal to split the team's home games between the tampa bay area and montreal owner stuart sternberg rejected any possibility that the rays would move montreal permanently to picture opening day and twenty twenty four march in tampa bay a sunny seventy eight degree day ideal for outdoor baseball in a modern intimate ballpark over thirty thousand race fans cheering for their team than a few months later a summer send off game as the team heads to montreal for the remainder of the season sternberg says in a perfect world they tampa bay montreal to city plan with launch in twenty twenty four the orlando man who made headlines after he killed pinky the performing flamingo at busch gardens two years ago is dead forty eight year old joseph corral was hit by a pickup truck as he crossed state road fifty in orange county he shocked park goers in 2017 seventeen by picking up pinkie by his neck throwing her to the ground dust from thousands of miles away responsible for spectacular scenery north florida meteorologists say dust from the sahara desert in africa was picked up by trade winds carried across the ocean and into the gulf that's why sunrises and sunsets seem more colorful in the panhandle tampa bay traffic and weather does moments away with florida's news line chris fox news i'm chris foster president trump leaves today for japan and the g twenty summit where he'll meet separately to talk trade with china's president she he says plan b deal isn't worked out is more tariffs three hundred twenty five billion dollars that i haven't taxed yet it's right for taxation for putting the president on fox business network a border spending bills passed by the house there's fox's rachel sutherland lowy says the funding should be used for humanitarian purposes only not for immigration rates not detention beds not a border wall minority leader kevin mccarthy called the restrictions partisan poison pills they're offering legislation that is misguided and it's purely political the president says democrats provision will make the country and that he veto the bill if it gets to his desk This is Fox News. Central credit union, homeowners traffic.

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