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Tonight on the guys in the house all have two three two with all their self care. You get a little cranky know. You've never seen me. What i god brought you back. The first time different that that makes me a scare out nichols lied into bed with a starting right now. Threesome his back has rejoined guy. He's back from new york. She's fresh did you have a good time. I have the best time at the time those stories started on the bachelorette tonight. Katie had a surprise challenge for the guy. She wanted them to abstain from self love and they took it hard. I kind of have this idea. I thought would be fun. Where the guys in the house. All have to agree to withhold a little friendly handshake with themselves are limits on juicy secret. And it's called operation. Will we off katie. Wants to see which one of you can hold out. This sucks and a going to change very quickly. Men are having visceral reactions to this. I mean can you hear like oh let me talk so hunter and you had to abstain from self love for one week. How do you genuinely do it. Yeah i could for seven days. How you do like cryogenic freeze or something. I'd be fine. I could last long the freeze last. Would it have to be something you literally work to not do. It would be hard. Yeah yeah really. Being very bad mood. I just think she's going to end up weeding out all the dudes with healthy libido and she's gonna find the one dude that can have sex once every six months and he's fine and that's just not. I think this happens. I'll fill you know what happens. When a guy doesn't and he has a healthy we'd be especially when you get a little cranky. Don't know you've never seen me when. I don't even been disgusting. Talk about the show really quickly though because ourselves. I've said it before i'm sorry this basic. Yeah curry give looks in what i want. I want a guy who doesn't shirk. But i will say the easiest time to not. Masturbate is at a sleepover with other guys. And that's basically what they're doing so if there was ever time we'll i could go a week. It would be when. I'm sharing bunk beds with strangers on television. It shouldn't be hard for them. Yeah oh my god and how could we not talk about. This went down in clothes comment section. She posted zecchini bikini snap and her ex. Lamar commented haughty and her other. Extra fatty hunting is hard. Is the big deal. Her other ex tristan fired back. At lamar saying god brought you back the first time. Play if you want different results very kind. That was a little go back best. How that's red. God brought you back the first time. If you want different results thank you. Do you want me to talk pretty good. I've actually said this before. So my pal. God rocks you back the first time. Play if you want to different results that makes you want to that. If a black person tells you play if you want to play right the should not play. It'd be like do you want me to play. I am shocked to hear that artists. Lamar did not. Respond shall shy that mary mature because that was below the tristan khloe anymore also like shade. But i think lamar were wash tristan in a fight that it was a bitch move interest interesting your lady anymore. You brown doing some allegedly whatever. But i would agree with messing with tristan either. I think she's tired. I don't know if i agree with you on that to listen. Let me tell you something. The fact she doesn't have him blocked that he can freely leave. Comments is a problem. But don't you think it's because she doesn't want that to be another story who gives. Nobody would know that he's on blocked. They within their followed which would be which would be warranted but at some point. You've got to say who gives people think. I need to protect my mental health. This is tapping right grow. You need to block him if he wants to say something to you. He has your phone number. He probably is still living in the house. I say they do a one on one. I twenty one four game. Oh we just see who's still got it all right with a real housewives of potomac premiered last night and the women hit below the belt. Real fast you want to talk about your fiery boxes on fire and that's why you can't keep a man took. She has a hot. Everybody was going on between them and that's why to college obsessed with coach houses what you do is disrespect than everybody else's will not only from hampton university. Everybody knows it. This is a read this read session. Read sessions aren't always truthful. Recessions are just coming for you. All right. I don't know if there's really any they haven't been friends for a long time so i'm not sure they know much about each other's personal lives other than what they talk about. It did to me. They would just reading the hell out of each other. Yikes person says like some sort of insult like when she goes. Your husband's penis is broken. And then the other person the recipient of that says at least blank you basically just confirmed the first thing like right right right so this is a lot of them confirming except for the hot box. Then that means she has an s. Tda some good. if you're coochie is hat right. You know what i mean. Yeah unless you sunbathe it which some people do that remember. We talked about that on. This show is. You're a hot box. Yeah is a good thing now. Box a little after labor. It's not well. Yeah we'll be having kids. It's it's a good time. Yeah yeah i mean you really learn some lessons from these women because they don't they all around now not great lessons though like no lessons on how to verbally effect one skill. I don't want that. That was so hard for me to watch. Like i felt bad. Gosh bay this is the kind of tv my poor husband of adding another house rotation hake it hate it. You hate it here still when you go girl for. Just enjoy this time because when you start dating somebody. She's going to be watching. These shows every single night. Oh you won't watch reality. Tv she only has half a bathroom and live in somebody's driveway. And it's frailer. Sorry that would bar. You've been watching too much house lies the potomac year. Too good at the verbal says if that woman does exist please. That's not.

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