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Amounts possible on Dad. As far as I secure elation goes looking at right around 1/10 of an inch for areas west of Metro areas. We'll check the W M male, ABC seven Storm Watch forecast coming up in moment. Ah, Fairfax County Parent wants to see schools reopen for in person learning Thank her kids are suffering. It's heartbreaking. I mean, we're watching our kids suffered tremendous academic regression, social emotional behavioral problems. Christie Hudson would open up. CBS says There is no date when schools will reopen. We actually don't even have a guaranteed about next fall. Our superintendent Has gone on the record a few times, saying that he can't assure anybody that there will be a full time opening in Fairfax County. Next fall for Britt. W. M. A L A W M a l dot com. Good luck trying to get the Kobe 19 vaccine in Montgomery County, even if you're eligible, continue to get a fraction of the vaccines that we request, Montgomery County Council president Tom Tucker says So far, the states on Lee given the county enough shots Vaccinate about 2% of its residents, Hooker says. What's especially frustrating is the biggest counties, including Montgomery are getting fewer doses per 100 people in smaller counties. That doesn't make any sense. Obviously, it's inequitable, he says. The state has not explained how it decides how doses are allocated two counties. The state Health Department was not available to talk to us, either. Heather Curtis san W. M a. L A w e mail dot com W M male News time is 804. I'm sharing Reardon and now he has you? W m a L trap. Taking weather from the.

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