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I'm Chris Trunk Man in our top story at 11 o'clock. It's a Siri's again. The Rays bounce back from a game one defeat with some big bats. Tampa Bay pounded out 10 hits Wednesday in a 64 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Brandon allow broke out of a four for 48 slump with a two homer night. It says a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders here, joy no going into that that Doug and I hung around and everybody's happy. Everyone's jumping up and down. You know, it's not an individual bang out there. It's everyone I mean, you know whatever helps team one. Joey Wendell added three R B eyes, including a two run double the Wind, even the best of seven World Siri's at one game apiece with Game three, set for Friday evening in Tampa, covering the world. Siri's I'm Steve Kearney. Sheriff Bob Altieri wants to make sure all voters in Pinellas County feel safe at the Poles. But I'll say it is a combination of uniformed personnel who will be in the area. And also we're going to use him undercover personnel. Oh, it just monitor the situation. Gualtieri reminding voters it's illegal to bring a gun or weapon to a polling place to armed of men, who appear to be from a security company showed up at a polling place in ST Petersburg. The sheriff says they didn't violate laws and the Trump campaign claims they were not sent by them. The new survey by a business group finds Tampa Bay area residents think race relations are getting worse around the country, but not around here. Pollster Joseph Saint Germain says most respondents think there's systemic racism. However, residents tend to perceive racism as pervasive and systematic route all most of society. As you look at the white responses, they tend to view it. It's really Situationally dependent. Find out more about the survey of W F l a news dot com Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news on Chris Trunk, Man, If you think we're just four wheels and a group,.

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