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Welcome everybody to new episode of fox and faust this week jimmy. You have a luxury we have. We get to talk to general manager of a national hockey league team. Rob blake will join us in just a bit. We get a chance to dive into a whole number of topics. But what's top of mind for you this week. Is we start off our podcast. Well i have to say in many times when we do our podcast we we try to stay away from the king's just from the standpoint of probably get a lot of that information during the games and on the air and things of that sort so we touch on things but let's face it you know five in a row as we're taping again the way because the power play his come alive and there. Was you know. Winning is winning but now the kings. They're not outscoring their problems but they're outscoring their stuff not something. That's perhaps it's fun to win. But it's also fun to win when your scorn. I think just the whole way that they've been playing has been fun Y- guest will string you along chitchat for a little while. Try and keep you tuned in for the whole hour. But let's cut to the chase here. We'll have rob blake on in just a few moments general manager of the la kings. You know we don't have a ton of time to to dive into some topics on tv and given the turnaround when the club gym. I find it interesting where the kings are at right now and you brought it up on tv the other day. I think the comment that we got from todd mcclellan Last week about batting order. And where guys are ad in the lineup in having balanced. Is i keep coming back to that idea. That for the first time in a couple years really feels like. There's there's a right balance within the lineup. And guys are playing where they should and and there's an identity and everybody knows their roles. I mean it's early in the season still yet right. you know. It's five games in a row but we still got another third of the year yet. And i just still feel like there's finally a sense of identity with his team right now. I think the personnel turnover is a big part of that. And we've discussed it. We have perhaps more positives to look forward to because of the prospect pool but There's different ways to win in the league changed..

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