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New York millions around the country are waiting and hoping for the FDA to decide to green light visors Copan 19 vaccine and apparently, the White House wants it done right now, correspondent Ben Tracy explains. CBS News has learned. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called FDA Commissioner Dr Steven Haunt today pressuring him to approve the Fizer vaccine or consider resigning. Now in a tweet President Trump weighed in ordering Honda quote, get the damn bag scenes out now and stop playing games. In a statement, haunt admitted he was encouraged to continue working expeditiously. FDA authorization of the Visor vaccine could come as soon as tonight. Ben Tracy CBS News The White House logistics of how doses will be shipped are falling into place Cos. Like UPS and FedEx are part of the drill. As correspondent Chris Van Cleve report's gonna get loaded into a truck at from the five year plan is gonna get flown likely to Memphis or Louisville, where the two companies have their there, sort of World Headquarters. We know UPS has a large freezer farm in Louisville that can store items in super low temperatures. Once it delivers the next day, UPS will follow up with a shipment of dry ice to anyone in the country that has received the vaccine ups is making its own dry ice. No indoor dining in New York City beginning next week. WCBS is Marla Diamond. James, more biggest, who represented several city restaurants in their effort to get indoor dining back says the timing couldn't be worse. I'm a year where restaurants make their most money. Shutting down on Monday would put half of the restaurants in Manhattan out of business. One of those restaurants is El Backo in Little Neck Queen's owner, Tina Maria, a pet Asano on the senator's spike and I understand that we all need to be safe and healthy. That goes without saying But as long as you are conducting our businesses properly, efficiently and safely, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to conduct them. President elect Biden keeps adding people to his Cabinet that includes Susan Rice is choice for director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. America must finally become a nation. Where every child from Akron Toe Arkansas from the Bronx to Brownsville, from the Sioux nation to South Central Los Angeles. Undreamed without limits and make her dreams come true. President Trump has already appealing a ruling from today after Wisconsin judge tossed out a lawsuit in which Mr Trump was looking to disqualify some 221,000 presidential ballots. It's a ST Joe Biden won. The president is asking that state Supreme Court to take the case from the lower appeals court. Dow gained 47 today. NASDAQ Lost 28..

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