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Radio 6 10 Wi OD. And we are taking a look. Right now A top Lorraine are again nice and quiet. Start to the morning temperature wise. Still on the mild side. We're seeing 66 degrees near Miami International Airport and Deerfield Beach checks in at 68. It's coming up now on 702. Health experts say they are extremely worried about new covered 19 variants being detected in the U. S. And Dr Anthony Fauci says two things could help fight them off double down on some of the very simple public health measures. When we talk about the other thing is get vaccinated. The UK very It has been found in half of the United States Monday, health officials reported the first U. S case of a strain first found in Brazil. Health officials warned that if we thought going to the grocery store before was relatively safe, there's actually a higher likelihood of contracting coronavirus through those everyday activities. That's Mike Bauer reporting with the latest statistics from the Department of Health showing that the Corona virus has claimed 231 deaths. As of yesterday, almost 9600 new cases were confirmed and the positivity rate for new cases was just over 9% on the bright side over 31,000 people were vaccinated yesterday, including over 13,000, who got the second dose. So far, almost 176,000 people have gotten both vaccine shots. Now. January is proving to be the now deadliest month of the Corona virus pandemic in the U. S. Numbers from Johns Hopkins University show. Roughly 77,700 deaths have been reported so far this month alone. Increase in deaths comes as Abide administration works to ramp up vaccine distribution and one of South Florida's largest vaccine distributors has reached a turning point. Jackson Health System is now offering Cove in 19 vaccinations.

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