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And macronix senator john tester fox news fair and balanced never find kassire radl governor mark dayton unveils his plan this morning to enhance security in minnesota schools in the wake of the florida shootings a key republican even prairie representative jennifer luhn proposed tuesday that schools be allowed to use their existing maintenance funds not only for security upgrades but also counseling for students with mental health issues taking all encompassing approach to providing a safe air environment for our children as whole democrats say republicans are blocking common sense gun safety measures to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people in the first place governor dayton supports background checks and we asked him tuesday of that will be part of his proposal in due time all things she'll be revealed under the hundreds quote of scripture policy tomorrow bill werner the capital since 2014 minnesota homelessness has decreased about eight percent statewide now leaders say they have a plan to completely ended in minnesota by 2020 kathy ten brooke with minnesota housing says recent success statewide clearly shows the steps they need to take i think what lepuc clear is how we will get to the level of political and community will that we need to get a fair and rethink this kind of a collaborative proper really help bill that will it is settlement was reached in the case of a wilmer man who put a pig's foot on a vendor tables staff by.

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