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Week we start off with the top ten phobias. People have then we into our main topic of the town of layton utah in the curse of hobbs reservoir. Finally we'll get a personal story of a creepy encounter with the demon dog. I'm your host. Chris and joining me as always on. This fantastic is james. Hey james what's up chris. How you doing brother. How's everybody this evening. Doing good man. Doing good just You know hussin hustling hustling and working for a living in goes yes sir. We wanted just do a slight apology. The folks out there and all the episode was a little slow in coming but we did have a little situation here in texas for about a week or so so we were safe about it. In record plus power was unpredictable. So then a mess here but now suddenly the next week i'll sudden we got sunshine and glory. So i don't know what the hell's going on weather. Typical texas weather in the winter slash spring us just how it is unfortunately one of those funny things. I saw somebody when my friends online had a pair of shorts and flip flops on says. Yeah hey i am shorts and flip flops like last week. The weather didn't try to kill me. it's funny. Yeah like favorite team. I saw was Someone took a picture of leo nar capital from The revenue and then one of him from Wolf of wall street and put them together instead. Texas one week texas next week dash right exactly how it is. Yeah we were all trying to survive and not get killed by bears one week and then sitting in shorts and drinking margaritas next week absolutely great. It is what it is you know. We may as well rate except for my damn Sinuses recommend damn sinuses. I have had a headache for the last two weeks every day nonstop. That sucks man. Yeah pain in my head literally already here that man you know how it is Causing the problem the headaches bonehead co host here. You know you're not a headache. Your pain in my ass about three hundred fifty pounds worth s right as you are you are a big ass hemorrhoids on my ass. Let me tell you know but Yeah so it. it's fine. i'm used to it by now It just sucks. I prefer the weather is at least stayed one way for a few weeks to get my head and my sinuses time to adjust but whatever this is not how it's going to go. Yep like i said. I just wanna send a shout out any bar fans here listeners. Y'all had any problems with it. God bless you help as made it through okay and if anybody was unprepared and had a hard time where you'll you know we all get a lesson from this and know what we need next time and stuff like that. You can't ever take for granted you know. I mean i know. A lot of northern states deal with a lot worse weather but down here in the south the destruction the streets the roads in the drivers in everybody out there is not prepared for arctic type stuff and icy streets so yeah just just be careful guys. There were a lot of people who were affected by it who ended up going to Warming stations and people who you know didn't have heat or whatever and if there's any out of state listeners and they wanna know how they can help those people here in texas just go to feeding texas dot. Org and you can donate their those will go to a lot of needed families here in houston and other parts of texas. Yep 'cause there are a lot of people still recovering from that mess Really are it's if it's crazy. Yes it is. And i want to remind everyone also that we still have the ninety-six x-files postcard giveaway going on. Just a go to any podcast app or anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Give us a review We prefer apple but anywhere works really if you do apple you can put a one word review doesn't matter what really matters. Is you give us five stars or four stars. What are you gonna give us. Give us focused ours. And but then think a screenshot senate to us at state of fear. Podcast dot com and we will get you on a vintage x-files postcard we also telephone number in which you can call and leave us a spooky scary or unusual stories And we definitely wanna hear those are different and get him in and that phone number is seven one three five eight one four five five one that number again in case you missed it seven one three five eight one. Four five five one like james. Yes so call us. Leaves voicemail tells your story and we'll play it on a future show also get. We have a patriotic paycheck. Dot com slash. Fear go there. You can find every episode of all the shows you can find bonus stuff you can find bloopers And you can find all the all the stuff you won't find anywhere else is going to be on there so check out patriot dot com slash fear. We have super super cheap levels Something for everybody so all right. Well why don't we go ahead and get 'em talking about tonight's episode. So as i mentioned at the top you're going to be talking about the curse of hobbs reservoir in layton utah In also also gonna have a demon dog encounter personal story later on but first before we get into your weird story. let's do a couple of. We're facts that. I found about utah. Shall we absolutely all right so in march nineteen sixty eight. Six thousand sheep died mysteriously in skull valley. The us army conducted open air tests of the nerve agent vx days before for years. The army denied that its tests had anything to do with the death of the sheep though. Investigative reports concluded otherwise church. And that's my peoples that government see. That's like that's like spreading that easy for gas in the close encounters movie and they gassed all of them. Livestock and shipment. I guess exactly ex- gas kills people's. Oh yeah we'll two men from barrel were charged with practicing medicine without a license after drilling a hole in a woman's head in january two thousand sound like egan. The men were accompanied by producers of the television. Show twenty twenty. Which i don't know why the hell they would go along with this but who are doing research for a story about transformation. The practice involves drilling one or two holes in the person's head in order to increase blood flow yeah out and supposedly decrease symptoms of depression. Well lobotomy would usually do that. The power drill to the frontal lobe is not exactly something i would recommend. No that's a it's one of those. You definitely don't try at home. No now now. In one thousand nine hundred seventy one utah. Now looking this apparently correct way to call utah resident is utah him but you are locals. Do not call themselves calm utahns. Ut a h. in our called a mutiny yes. he's colorado boy. I used to call mutations whole thing. You made up. Apparently because i've never seen that in the information is find. Hey unique really a utah. Hijack the plane collected fifty thousand dollars in ransom then escaped by jumping out of the plane with a parachute. The man richard mccoy was later caught and has long been suspected of being the infamous d b cooper who hijacked the plane four months earlier and bailed out with a parachute after collecting. Two hundred. Thousand dollars in ransom. Money mccoy was convicted of the second hijacking but escaped prison and was shot to death in a standoff with police will never know if.

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