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Holidays in a face off, Johnny Ringo inside the saloon, and we always remember Val Kilmer, and after Jonny Ringo's done twirling his pistol all around and showing off and Val Kilmer takes, his whiskey glass, and he's turned around kind of being a smart Aleck. You'll always remember Val. Kilmer weenie knocked that roll out as doc Holliday? Uley Johnny Ringo. That he's facing off against. Well, Mr. Ringo got his education, like have a suit class seventy four. It was just a little snot nose punk back then from, you know what they say I wasn't there. I don't know. As waiting for the tiny and that was a good one. Yeah. Made his debut in a role with Greece. And I've seen that maybe partially here and there can't picture, it was also, Kyle recent Terminator and got to start right here in Arizona lake havasu city, Mike, being Michael Biehn believe is how thank you. I never even said his name. He's Johnny Ringo, Johnny Ringo. And according to his bio said the best role he ever had in his career. Tombstone tombstone. He's, he's Johnny Ringo forever. And Val Kilmer, Forever's dot holiday. Just they now factually, you could pick that movie apart. We're not gonna do that for the entertainment value topnotch because I'm, I'm gonna hijack the conversation here we are changing gears. So got to do a little can't shoot three shots out of double fair saga without reloading impossible to go. Run a six shooter still only has six bullets nineteen artistic.

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