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You know in before jumping in a pool what tool is this by the way also where we serving doritos at tool like unless you're seeking in the old supposedly so there's a lot of concerning things about this to be quite honest i don't necessarily have a huge problem with you wiping it on yourself as long as it's you know have oblast but maybe you should reevaluate two choices i and then you won't have to worry about wiping on yourself does this answer change if it's the ocean or a one hundred percent does one hundred percent i actually would actually thinking that when you were asking do it personally came to my mind is just like a forty five year olds shirtless man covered and barbecue sauce just walking into the ocean with his alarms or threat like just three as a bird it doesn't change like the fact that you're still eating nessie sued on a beach which is like the most horrifying thing imaginable ribs on a beach it's like that's gotta send like chills through your spine and so it does change the conversation it doesn't change the way i would evaluate what food you're eating in the certain environment i will say this though about ribs as somebody who i don't make ribs i live in new york and so i don't really have access to smokers but there is something that becomes very beach able i don't know about its pool able but beach about leftover cold ribs on a hot day any that being like a good cold whether it's a sparerib or a baby back rib whatever all of the sudden it becomes i don't know why the temperature affects it but a leftover cold rib like leftover cold fried chicken it suddenly feel like it works am i crazy whoa no no you're not my fear of all of this we've been the leftover component it's like the sand it and is again with two ids.

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