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Actual speeds very and not guaranteed. It's 9 34 new information now about the man who killed nine people in a rail yard and took his own life in San Jose, California on Monday. Authorities say Samuel Cancer he had an arsenal of weapons, including Molotov cocktails, Sheriff Sergeant Joseph Piazza. We do have current estimates. Somewhere near 25,000 rounds of ammunition. The Molotov cocktails were incendiary devices, and they've located approximately 17 of those officials say Monday's shooting was planned. Cassidy had been said to have a disciplinary hearing that day. And they believe Cassidy, who had previously indicated he hated his job wanted to kill as many people as possible. Steve Futterman. CBS News prosecutors will not seek a new death sentence against Scott Peterson, the man convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in 2005 in Modesto, California The killing of Lacy Peterson is back in the news because California Supreme Court threw out the death sentence for husband Scott Peterson because potential jurors were improperly dismissed after saying that they opposed capital punishment that prompted the Stanislaw County district attorney, Birgit Fladager, to announce After speaking with Lacey's family. She won't seek a new sentencing hearing in the case. But Scott Peterson could also be facing the prospect of a new trial because of alleged juror misconduct. A judge has to decide if that warrant a new trial. And if so, it could again raise the specter of the death penalty for Peterson, convicted of killing his wife, who was eight months pregnant around Christmas time..

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