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Let them show you how they're working this world and kind of be your sherpa into the dating. Let's have four years is like elax changed in four years. Totally I would actually say dunk jump on apps right away. Go out with your single friends. And if you go I have no friends who are single going on your friends and boyfriends and their single friends. Yeah. Get used to talking to people in a way. So you can start figuring out the, you know, the meant you want you want to get your your your muscles back. And when you're in a relationship, you lose the muscle of talking to new people. Yeah. You know, you lose that muscle as much as you think on so personal. I'm what no no, no, no, no, I talked to people after shows every night, and I'll go. Hey, nice to meet you, and you can tell that they they haven't met a lot of variables they go to work. They talk to the person at work. They go home. They talked to their wife or husband, or whatever it is. And then they come to the show, and I go, hey, nice to meet and they go Friday. You know, it just it's one of those things that like, you know, because we go out and meet people every day for this job. You're used to like anything else. Like if I don't do the show for a while. I come back, and I'm rusty as hell rusty. You're rusty go out with friends go out with like your single friends. I your relationship friends second the friends with boyfriends have fun friends, but just let them be your sherpa into the world. Great this great question from Katie pass story. How long is too long to chat on the dating app before meeting in person? This is a great question my shit because it's not there's no real answer. Okay. There's to the U F to there's too short to talk on a dating app, and there's too long the inbetween is on a spectrum. Okay. So too short is. Hey, let's do drinks. Hold on. Okay. Hold on. What you saw picture you like scenario? I I have to. But there's a lot of people out there that with pictures that I like, and then some people go, why don't we? To waste my. You're wasting my time that I might have to go out with you. Right. Like, maybe we could figure this out right now if it's worth exploring. Absolutely. So I think the two long is anything longer than a day. So if you spent it's okay to you, how many of us have texted with someone over the course of a day and had a full conversation over day work. You would have to happen in. I hate to put a rule of day. But I'm saying have enough of a conversation where where it's fun and flirty, and then it has to end hind in what's your plan next week? If it doesn't end in what's your plan or making a plan?.

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