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The amazing so chuck speaking of two thousand fourteen there is um uh something big that happened the paris accords yes and in two thousand fourteen i think one hundred ninety five countries came together and said you know what we're going to do something we're going to do everything we can to keep the global average temperature from increasing two degrees above normal two degrees celsius i should say because that that was kind of a largely agreed upon tipping point that there would be a lot more extreme weather sea level rise we would feel the effects of climate change from a two degrees celsius increase in global temperature and so they took this really interesting approach where they said um the instead of us coming up with a multi government group that decrees stuff we're going to just decentralise the whole thing and how about every country come up with what their country can do on their own to fight grew to fight um global warming and then we'll bring them all together and everybody will take a pledge and we'll go do it any it was hugely successful like out of one hundred ninety five countries a hundred and sixty eight have ratified it and the us had had a pretty good plan as well um i think we were going to we are going to pledge that we would reduce our climate emissions something like twenty six 28 percent by 20 25 which would be a huge significant um contribution to fighting global warming bite we got pulled out of that one i think in in two thousand seventeen that's correct.

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