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Get off me Grown man. Him grown man. Them. I like that term. Yeah, but I like Josh Allen, but so going back to his game, Buckner's Broncos You know the Broncos quarterback going because not only drew lock lost out six weeks, Jeff Driskel. And you trust in Jeff Driskel? No, I'm not. But the one thing that the Broncos do very well. They stopped the run, so I'm not worried about forgetting all of them running. I'm never worried her forehead know that running so little John's and Broncos won't win. They will cover It will be all in three. But they will come out of the two straight weeks will be a very close game and evict Angio lose his job. He's not gonna lose his job because he's had so many injuries as on losing von Miller was absolutely a killer. Von Miller's gone Courtland suddenly sale going on Drew lock is gone. So you lock a lock only missed 3 to 6 weeks. Yeah, but it's a C join us throwing arm so Yeah, it's That is, It was a bad nose of rotator cuff restoring arms, So I mean, I did. Yesterday was a bad day for injuries today, so, but Broncos cover the online and you want it. I want to see how important games are It was dis important. The Falcons blew the onside kick, and the Cowboys got it yesterday because the Cowboys next week That's our next game in Seattle, Seattle, minus 4.5. The Cowboys could be owing to should be by all rights owing to heading into a game in Seattle that they will not win. No, um the Bruce Irvin loss is huge. Humor me, Doc was deck was massive yesterday to, um Going into that game. If true servants there. Thousands trouble running the ball. Now with noble servant. I don't know how they stopped the run. I mean, you still have KJ, right? And free who The other bracket backer is cagey. Right? Bruce Irvin and someone else someone else authority guy. Mr. Now, Jamal Adams will play deeper into the box in like he did against Seattle. I mean against New England. But I would wait on that number. And just see where it goes. It's a 4.5 right now. It opened at 3.5. It's gone up to 4.5 people. I mean, people aren't buying the cowboy. You're buying the Cowboys, but I just don't know that. That's the Cowboys defense. Ah, no pun intended. When I make this joke, every game going to be a shootout with voice it could be. I mean, I mean, he could just say Hey, I mean, it's one of those where I don't understand how the Cowboys getting shootouts. When you have a back leg seek. You can control the game, but they don't as amazing that you're preaching to the choir. Me. That's one thing I've always wondered. Kazik still seems to get his numbers too. 25 30 carries him ball just like that, when they when DeMarco Murray was there, and it was just ball control, ball control ball control or when Emmitt Smith was their feet. Emmett, Feed him it deep to Michael Irvin. Freedom it, feed him and feed him. If that's what you're doing now, feed feed. Zeke, Zeke, Zeke Dita Mari Cooper. That's exactly what should be because your defense isn't very good right now. You're to your two corners are very good. Your safety's aren't very good. Right now. Your front for your front seven is pretty good, but you're back in his bad, so you've got to protect them. The Falcon scored 20 points on them to start the game and then point that out. There is 20 of nothing. Falcons and Calvin Ridley. Look like Jerry Rice out their gate it I mean it and gather Ridley's a good receiver, Everybody Jerry Jerry Rice. I mean, he is pretty good, but I know people hate me for saying this guy's still think Jerry Rice is a little overrated. Who he Waas, Okay. That's I mean, you play with one of the greatest and most accurate quarterbacks of all time. True, you play with a receiver like John Taylor on the other side of you most your career. And you have a running back Who? Khun. Not only catch it like out of the backfield, but run with it like Bill ring and whoever else they had I know that Dr Gregg thank you. That was a guy that I was thinking. It's going to make life a little easier. Avoid true. He was never a guy that was gonna beat people deep. No, that wasn't Jerry Rice's game. I had great hands. Great hands. Great runner. Um he was. It's like carry Judy. Yeah, It's one of those things where And football like, say, it's the ultimate team sport. You can move guys around and I don't think anything changes like if you take Jerry Rice and plucked him out and job, Cris Carter and does now Chris Carter. Is that Yeah, you're right. I mean, unlike basketball, where if you have one player and basketball's over the four major sports basketball is the sport Unless you're talking Goalies, yes and hunky, But basketball is the sport. Want one player could make all the difference in the world because if you take the greatest pitcher in the world and put him on the Dodgers I don't matter. Heretofore, Pitcher stink. You're only gonna win one out of every five games like trash asked the Mets and the ground and that's Mike Trout. Exactly. So it doesn't matter now. MBA you put LeBron the Lakers is the team that didn't make the playoffs. All of a sudden, the number one seed, someone said, Yeah, so I mean football team ain't like said it football. I don't like when people say, Oh, best player that but a quarterback will make all the difference. But even then If you take all if take those guys and shake him up and you put it on different teams..

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