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Mama June you know from here comes honey boo boo has another show now and where she admitted that she had a twenty five hundred dollar day math habit so bad she lost her home in Los everything and so we had a lot of questions about drugs because normally show here does hard drugs or if they did they smoke weed back in the day but no one is currently doing drugs as far as we know it so we don't know any of these answers all right let's go the phones in Kenny apparently he can answer some of the many questions we have about drugs and drug use yeah I gotta do better prepare so the first one is we had a thousand hundred she has an eight of what I've read if you're gonna go by native we these days fifty well I would not permit the damn bag I mean you can still get a vampire I've been let down by public bill in and out you can probably get about maybe for a joint that but that's not the right yeah that is that's just normal you know okay my question to you is how do you smoke a what have you been addicted to when you said you're a recovering addict what drugs were you on first of all I've been addicted to painkillers for twenty five years okay okay but I love them very much you know a lot of it little bit of everything and math are you familiar with math is that smoked or is that swallowed it is but mainly it might but you can't you can't inject it yes active this month on yeah okay and is math more expensive than we'd hello okay so I can also we've now or as far as you know would be how much about it at all playing if it's just you know regular grade marijuana would be around like a hundred a hundred point out all of so swimmers minute being responding into you get a high grade marijuana gave Baltimore correct is that right I did that day yes dank dark the station wagon trains run his crack still popular it's math taken over as far as long as they're not like that yeah yeah but I think that both weapons nine United but you know crack more less expensive but more like a up for personal drug I would say yeah yeah it's alright to king Arthur's crack cocaine yeah it is it's the same thing it's just cooked a white wise crack more I've always a crack was more detective than regular cocaine that you snap but you're saying it's the same thing you just cook it yeah yeah it it makes a little different when you do cook it in an area of more data more directive that way now with crack is it cut was something different I mean because it's cheaper than cocaine if you say same thing but just give me a date by cutting it was cutting it went in in the I've heard they cut it sometimes with like detergent and all this crazy stuff here are the most if you get an alliance United not colonel something terrible is usually baby lack there were something like that I've also heard that but why is it a different feeling if you cook cocaine and smoke it than it is if you sniff cocaine is a totally different feeling it yeah it is it's not totally different but it's like when you cook it it's the highlight of the law it doesn't last long if I get more of a I don't know a lot of good germs and once you do it and you just wanted you know more hormonal on you you know people go out to a crazy bag it's still it's like you can't control yourself so mama June well with math at least when mama June with math having a twenty five hundred dollar day habit you're like that makes sense because she had had to have it yes that's the part that the late at Balboa cries about a month ago my god I've never I've never actually done that myself but you know I have your doctor and the like that which I don't have that kind of money I don't know if I would have a might have spent that much like that me and my worst I would like to learn all day many people have that amount of money she helps yeah you know so I if people don't walk around with that kind of money you know that a person doesn't have that are you still addicted right now are you is it a horrible process for you are you how you get going in the right direction are you getting help or is this a never ending cycle for you also so far been a never ending cycle I am doing a lot of a lot better than I had been a long I'm also very thank you thank you about Google maps one okay good for you at a later date mounted on a daily basis which it doesn't again they had to make the film all part of your going to meetings or do you talk with with people for help yeah you're in a meeting yeah good for you yeah I have a counselor to like where I get my medicine I have a counselor and stuff like that like that I've been working hold down jobs like five six years now so I'm doing a lot better we're proud of you man thank you thank you for sharing your call him clarify we do have anonymous on I don't have anything else like that real quick before we move on anonymous you're currently in recovery yes about five years thank you good for you do you anything you want to add that you heard I would just add when it when it came to but I had a twenty five hundred dollar a day meth lab it is going to equal death yeah I mean I would I would I would struggle about two years and I mean I was I'm definitely going to done that much in a day and still be here talking to I just find that one a little far fetched but with that that I mean it it is not a big thing I mean people people will sell their their left foot to get it back anonymous if you don't mind me asking what is the thing may the worst thing you did to get drugs yeah you don't have to I don't want to but I made out what the hell up stole from family members yeah I've stolen from stores and return items for cash it's not a good luck it's hard to get out of there to get out of it I mean props don't it's not easy and I'm kind of like what the other gentleman was saying it's a constant struggle yeah something that you know you're good for five years and it never comes back when you see it every day how easy was it for you to be getting all the drugs means obviously hard to come up with the money but how easy was it to get the drugs very yeah you just I made the phone call what it's it's a lot easier to find if people want to find out they're going to find the St Martin and is there any triggers that you find now they feel like if your do you have to cut out friends or places that you go for yeah I mean it was a pretty much a a one eighty so to speak I mean you got to cut out a lot of people and some good some bad some of them were just triggers yell yell mentioned breaking bad I feel like that's a very accurate portrayal believe it or not of the things that it makes people do it makes people think and to be honest with you I can't watch breaking bad anymore so you're you're addicted to math amongst other things but yeah okay in do you would you you would you say that math was the most addictive I mean I I know here when some people say it's more about I don't know if you did that or not I would say they're both about up there I mean it's like I said you tried to look for it and not think twice it's been the moment it takes over you're not who you normally are it is.

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