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Slazenger welcome welcome it's the Jill on money show we are so delighted you are joining us today it's the first weekend in may it who knows what day it is I don't know when you're listening to this and I certainly can't tell you what date is when I'm recording it because every day is like the next day some believable it is the corona virus extension here on the Geelong money show and we are broadcasting from the Capital One virtual studios Capital One what's in your wallet it's quite it's just been amazing I can't live another month is behind us it's I guess this really for for me the beginning of this crisis dates back to sort of the March issue area that's on market started to gyrate but I happened to look up the first time that I had written anything about the virus and it's kind of weird because I I didn't I guess going back in time and looking at that on February it was January thirty first was the first time that I actually wrote about this and I went back and I realize how wrong that wrong but it was like the head somebody had like the understatement of the century in because I wrote about it as a blog post and I said listen to this I said we don't know the lasting impact there is likely to be at least a short term effect which could cause ripples that are worth monitoring I mean really that has got to be the most the craziest understatement at least of the year and probably of the decade so it is with us the it's just been it's been swift and it has been horrible not just the spread of the virus but the economic impact and we also know that the the impact on individuals has been sudden and pretty horrible so with millions of people out of work and maybe you're one of them in your listening if you need some.

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