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In this episode. We've talked elevators going over a little history in this specific tots of element. And we've heard my guests experience so this episode sort of France off the previous episodes on the Armie hit and my conversation with Gary Coke where he talked about his experiences with them and she'd others expenses will and also the last Tuxedo sides with Gary Coke on musicals the plants they all sort of fall into the same category. You may or may not believe in the existence of these beings but certainly the people have had these experiences at -solutely and I personally have also hadn't experienced with these bins when I lived in a little town. Quick quick saw in North Carolina with my husband and my daughter we all three of US experienced as we initiate experience which is very personal. Go to us. So I'm not shearing experience. And he had but it was three of us who witnessed what happened that night and it is the memory that I will treasure forever. Muscian husband who has since deceased was not actually into any of the sort of stuff so the soda shook his parents away but but to his credit what he was very open minded about what we had experienced. Dispose going to be the last episode for the series. But recently I've received a very interesting email email from a gentleman who visited New Zealand and who had an encounter with the Ali Hit near what Tomo when he was visiting. The he didn't know about Pat. These beans all of the Mari knowledge of them before has experienced. I have his permission to share his story with your head head a few questions from people about that so next week. We'll be shoot it aside just presenting the gentleman's experience and very very brief but about myself doug went Tabu. You'll with too much information about me on mealy host after all and the slightly creepy music that was played today with cooled. Come play stay with me by Kevin mccloud licensed under creative commons for more information. Check out my podcast website. WWW DOT walk initiative lands dot Com. If any of you have any questions or any comments that you'd like to make or experience the state you might like to share with myself my audience then please please. Don't hesitate to email me. It shetlands at Yahoo Dot Com. Or if you remember of anchor at Anchor Dot. Fm then you can leave me voice message via the platform which could include in an upcoming into solid. If you enjoyed this episode thing. Please leave a pasta frightening and a written review on new chosen podcast platform. Who knows you may hear you review rated at the end of one of these podcasts and of course so you don't miss out on the the final episode in this series? Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform. This podcast is available on all free podcasting platforms in soon to be available from IHEART radio as well if you don't have a smaller funds and you can listen to the facades from the podcast with sought. WWW w. w. dot walking the Shetland Dot Com for those hearing. Impede the is a fool. Recent transcript of each episode on the website so you don't Miss Adult do telephones telephone telling week mates about our shy. Encouraged seem to listen. Enter subscribe also the move. Maria also please consider supporting this show on Patriots Dot Com. You can check out the link on our website. Chicken at facebook page will in the Shetlands L. Instagram feed of the same name and toward fate. Shit an instant like an follows the hands on all our upcoming designs..

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