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Three for seven. Oh it's like you didn't even try brian. This is going to mope over here in cornerman. I believe that makes the winter yep. Axel is going to nominate nate. I'm surprised axel showed up on time for the competition. We started late enough. It's okay axel is going to nominate robin williams uh-huh and gilda radner interesting all right so robin is with lauren gildo is with sabrina so you guys can pick for p._o._v. if you hand the fishbowl j. l. so who's all plane. We we have axl rose. Robin williams. I pick napoleon gilda radner napoleon tina fey tina fey and from the fishbowl steve harrington steve. Steve steve is flinging his hair round going. Yes i got picked for something yeah but he's he gets beat up does get beat up so jail you get to roll for what kind of competition we're doing the fifteen fifteen that would be intellect going to be the laura. It's going to be the i for intellect doc plus the s._c. For social. I thought that was just the line between the two maria all right excellent thirteen or fourteen fourteen fourteen robin eighteen gilda eighteen napoleon sixteen tina seventeen and steve has a thirteen so it is a tie between robin and gilda roll the dice fourteen eleven gilda takes herself off the block yep. I'm putting miss piggy and so it's up to me and on the block is miss piggy and robin williams. I am going wean with. I am going with miss piggy. He had already moved her to the side. I i almost picked robin williams robin. Why did you give me a dirty look. That's how this game is played on big brother all right head of household week number or six. Oh i've got a new person in this time. Not a.

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