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Salt and even more ridiculously it's voice activated so you you can ask your favorite appliance alexa or whatever to say dispense half a teaspoon of salt of course you have to pick it up and you have to put it over the spot that you need to dispense so basically it's just this ridiculous time suck that also moves the light away from other people i guess it's ridiculous in terms of something that is not silly would be the simple pleasure of activating timers using an apple watch or home pot or alexa all the time first of all i want to say that the smart trash can't thing we'll know it's really intelligent when it like spits it back out in his life why do you keep stuffing trash this is true it has become sentient how smart could have really be for me i mean i will just go with something basic that i thought would be ridiculous the idea of smart light bulbs in and of themselves seem a little ridiculous right we have light we have technology that has existed for a long time that seems to work just fine why do we need had intelligence to it but i have been won over i've many hugh lights in my house now and i've added a bunch of extra accessories like like wireless switches and i use my eco to control them and i like him a lot i have to say like i have a replaced i replacing like my overhead lights and all my rooms but i don't use those as much as mainly just the lamps but i really do love having the ability to control those by the voice or whatever i mean i've seen some ridiculous pitches in the past as i'm sure we all have i feel like i've seen a smart near pitch a couple times that like i want to believe but at the same time just the idea of embedding all that stuff in your bathroom mirror seems like a really bad idea similarly smart refrigerators i like the idea but like i don't really want my refrigerator telling me you are out of mook please get some yeah i i always a little cautious when it comes to these implementations i agree and it's kind of interesting that so many of these things mentioned have been kitchen smart devices because i think we've been seeing a lot of companies push into the kitchen recently and it seems like there's potential there but a lot of the appliances in gadgets seem like answers searching for problems the example that i have is smarty pans i don't know if you guys have seen this at the two hundred thirty dollars mark frying pan and it communicates using bluetooth with your phone at tracks the nutritional value of food you add to it so say you are gonna make recipe that involves coconut oil could voice using your voice with your phone say coconut oil and then you dump it into the pan it actually measures it calculates the nutritional value so you can add up like all the calories in fisher making so i mean that sounds kinda cool i can see that being useful and it tracks calories in it can sync with your fitness trackers some of the weirder things that does it can shear you're like you can make a recipe using the pan and then share that with friends or guide you through a recipe me all that sounds kinda cool but i mean the questions i have with all these are would you really use it so do you really wanna have to charge your frying pan how many risks do you create that are completely assembled in a in a pan just in the frying pan like all the time and is it really that hard to use measuring cups do you really need to have something that can measure your salt for you can't you just do it by yourself i think you can do yourself and i think you can sort your trash by yourself believe in you i believe thank you all for answers there let's go onto the next topic which comes from jeff so if you go to the app store on irs nowadays it almost feels like you're reading a magazine apples making this big push into publishing original editorial content making the experience more interesting than just browsing virtual store shelves.

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