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Good morning to you 607 on this Thursday morning, joining us in half an hour. Tim Carney. He's with the Washington Examiner. He'll sell tell us what he saw as the capital Yesterday at 75. It's Brian Brian Darling. He'll analyze the latest details about the electoral college certification in Congress. Julio Rosa's joins us up at 7 35 each who was on the ground in D. C. Yesterday at 805. It's Susan for reach E o. She'll tell us what happens with Democratic control of the House Senate end the presidency at 8 35 Dr Andy Harris from Maryland's first congressional district. He objected to Biden's electoral college win. Yesterday. We'll find out why I'm Mary Walter here with Vince Colonies. Good morning to you. Both Democrats has married just mentioned in Georgia. Winning those Senate seats is called by News outlets to track these things. The election Desk of the Associated Press, The New York Times and others, all calling this for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff's, which means Again is married. Just mentioned. Democrats will take control of the United States Senate. It'll be a 50 50 split between the Democrat and Republican caucuses, giving Kamila Harris the tie breaking vote and Democrats and opportunity. To advance Ah lot more of their agenda. Also, the implications here are pretty strong for the nominees that Joe Biden has in store for the country as their Senate confirmation hearings just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to again Democrat Control of the Senate. Also, that simple majority vote. Let's think about that, Mary. What does it mean? For the United States Senate, The Democrats will be able to pass things on a majority and you think to yourself well, they've got the filibuster right that you actually need. 60 votes toe get anything done in the Senate. Well. Not if they get rid of it. Not if they used a simple majority vote to get rid Of the filibuster and enabling, enabling the Democrats to pass vast swaths of their agenda much more easily. Then it comes down to little things like Will Joe Mansion Stand with Republicans. Will he be a useful blockade to some of these things that Democrats are looking to accomplish with their newfound power? So lots of questions going forward that we're only going to get some answers, too? As we see time? Move on. Listen, Republicans don't stand for themselves so Republicans don't stand together. I I would be shocked if a Democrat cross the aisle. Why would you want to leave the party? The party of power there? They're going to consolidate their power. They're going to magnify their power. They are going Tol Azaz, You said they're going to get rid of the filibuster in order to take any kind of vote away from the minority period. End of story that secures The congress that secures the legislative branch of government for them for many, many, many, many, many years to come by doing that. If they stay or go forward and pack the courts. As we say that is one of their wee here with that is one of their objectives in the first couple of years. If they if they add X number. Let's see, you know if they had six liberal justices to the court that shuts down any conservative voices on the court and any kind of conservative remedies. From the courts moving forward for many, many, many, many years that that place is two branches of government firmly in their control, probably for the rest of my life time and not just and then the presidency is a cakewalk because they also control the media. Yeah. And so where do we go from there Await Venezuela. Well, I'll tell you just think about how this guy we got here. You know, Georgia, everyone know knew it was gonna be neck and neck in the weeks leading up to this runoff election that it wasn't going to be a cakewalk for either party. The belief was Republicans have the advantage. But Democrats could pick off these seats, and now we've Found out that they have they picked out both of them. And how did that happen? Well, one way it happened was Republican turnout wasn't meaningful enough in Georgia. In order to get those Republican candidates over the top and when it comes to Turnout and what Republicans could have done. Even marginal improvements would have resulted in a victory for, say, David Perdue, at least as I'm looking at a 30,000 ft difference between David Perdue And John, also off in the final tally is just about 35,000 votes. That's with 98% of estimated votes reported now. The that that number You can chip away at that. If you had more Republicans who had confidence in the election system in Georgia actually voting, but instead You had people who were in Georgia who are actively telling Republicans who claimed to be Republican. I'm looking at you, Linwood. Who has just been banned from Twitter, by the way. After he's like claimed so many deranged things in the last 600 hours on Twitter, Twitter. Just panda. My guess in the last 24 hours, but When would this lawyer who represented Nicholas Sand Man, of course. So famously, and so well stand man's even come out be like, Are you crazy? Like salmon came out and he couldn't abide. How Linwood was was acting around the issues around George and telling people not to vote. They're telling Republicans not to vote there and Also like saying things like Mike Pence needs to be executed for treason. You know? I mean, it just said it just got in tow lunatic levels. Um and so You know? Does that have an impact?.

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