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But I think one of the problems is that Let's say that, Yeah, they find that there's something there. The wheels of justice grind slowly but very fine as the old saying. Yeah, Okay. They're gonna grind so slowly that we're gonna be six months into a biting administration before something actually comes out. And what is the remedy? At that point, it was that again. You're right. That's the reason why it has to be handled by December. Actually, uh, I think it's time for a couple of days here to separate the safe harbor. December 14th is the electoral college meets, But then the Congress doesn't actually Except those results. So I believe January 5th or sixth If I'm not mistaken s O. That might be is the latest drop dead date that we have caused By January, 20th, a president must be inaugurated either Trump reelected, or Biden, the patient elect. S so again. I think we still have about 30 days here, and a lot can happen between now and then. There's another hearing today in this one in Michigan. Michigan Senate Oversight Committee will hear testimony to day at 10 15 Eastern. However, listen to this. The chairman of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Ed McBroom, Says he will not allow President Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani to testify. Why wouldn't the president's legal team be allowed? If you're going to hear other in personal written testimony will be accepted like that of a Dominion Pole, a Dominion contractor. Rather, her name is Melissa Carone. She says that She was a freelance I T worker who was hired by Dominion to work in Michigan. She submitted a sworn affidavit. Detailing a barrage of what she called fraudulent actions during her time at the voting Center in Detroit. He says he was in the hotel conference room. There was a tabulator. And then adjudication machine. The team was told. Walk around the room. Look at it. Get familiar with it. Then she was told he was hooked up to the Internet. That these every single one of these tabulate ear's have WiFi capability. Those two. As you know, Bruce, When you have your phone smartphone, you walk into a WiFi setting, it automatically connects the WiFi. Yeah, okay, And that's apparently what these machines do. That when you set them up, they automatically have a because there is a central operator capability here. We've talked about that before where they can manipulate or subtract, Add modify. Votes would have you. And these machines were in Michigan in Detroit. We're hooked up. In fact, there's a A montage of election observers. Testifying that they'll parade themselves through Michigan today. Michigan is especially egregious. If you read their Sydney Powell's lawsuit, it is It is really eye opening, and the fact is that I'm bringing all these lawsuits. I've watched all this testimony in Pennsylvania and now in Arizona, I have no confidence. Zero and I was a big believer in the sanctity. And the integrity of our vote. On. I've always thought. Okay, There's always you know, dead voters to put voters. There's always somebody trying to pull a fast one going back to acorn days. But the level that this was Engage Doctor Shiva. Hey, of course from I think it mighty if I'm not mistaken. He was there yesterday. And he said in order for Joe Biden, the win What Biden had to get 130% of the vote and Trump negative 30%. That's a statistical impossibility. Get it if I sure has a strong finished and then Rand, Paul Rand. Paul talked about the other day, too. There were, um four data dumps. That occurred in these four major cities Atlanta, Philadelphia Detroit in Milwaukee for data dumps between 1 30 in the morning and 6 30 in the morning, which was the alleged Margin of victory for Joe Biden. Don't you find that a little bit curious and strange and mysterious that his margin of victory and all these battleground states all happened in the middle of the night? And four data dumps. Don't call it the all around the same time and during a 45 hour span I'm sorry it just and then what about all these other jurisdictions that didn't see the same kind of patterns? I mean, uh, yeah..

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