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Low dose to think about planning and design in a way that we haven't done so before. And JIT is very much at the forefront of that. Collecting data understanding data manipulating data. Having access to facility like NG IT, which is constantly focused on research and innovation is so important for the industry and what it means to be designing for smarter systems. And JIT, New Jersey institute of technology, learn more and JIT EDU. Broadcasting 24 hours a day. Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business act. This is Bloomberg radio. Now a global news update. On the way for Colorado's wildfires, Brad Siegel has more. President Biden approved a disaster declaration early Saturday for those impacted by wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes in the Denver suburbs. Boulder county sheriff Joe peli says at least 500 homes have gone up in flames, and more than 30,000 people have been evacuated. At this point, no deaths have been reported. The White House says the aid includes funding for temporary housing and emergency loans. Eric Adams delivers his first address as New York City's 110th mayor. The city's second black mayor struck an optimistic tone in his New Year's Day address. Despite COVID-19 and his persistence, New York is not closed. It is still open and alive because New York is a more resilient than the pandemic. The 61 year old former NYPD captain says his immediate goals are to battle the coronavirus fight the rise in violent crime and to turn the city's economy around. The Democrat declared that the city's new year's resolution is, we will not be controlled by crisis. There's one thing everyone knows about New Yorkers. We don't like anyone telling us what to do. The late Betty White is being remembered as a trailblazer in television. Tributes poured in Friday after the 5 time.

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