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All over him. There is blood everywhere. Quentin Tarantino's house and his wife is a nurse. Drinking good coffee, and he knows it's good coffee and his wife is a nurse. And if she comes home. Is she comes home to see all this? He's done is goose is cooked. They've run out of time. Marcellus Chillan next to the pool with Oma Thurman. Sip in history acting like there's nothing wrong. And there's jewels all upset screaming and hollering. Finally. Marcella says what you want me to do. I'm sending the wolf. Oh, that's all you had to tell me just go back in and chill out wolf away. Well, I'm assuming y'all had figured out by now who is. If you knew that Houston, independent school district, and the thousands and thousands and thousands of kids that go there and the millions and millions and millions of dollars that you pay every year for this. If you knew that everything had gone wrong, and there were racial problems, the blacks and the Browns were fighting like cats and dogs. One of them was hiring their superintendent. And we got the black guy Brown black guy the Brown. Y'all and racist, you're racist. Toyota's. And it was going back and forth back and forth. And you're thinking, oh my God. This is like a third world country. Who's the one person what can come in? Solve this problem. Though, the board did not answer questions congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee spoke with reporters in their apps saying that the public should accept the trustees apology and give the board a chance to reform it self. Sheila jackson-lee said, quote, I think they are owed a great deal of gratitude and appreciation what turned this board. I think was their recognition of a higher calling of H I S D ended head to be our children. I'm just glad to know our kids are going to have good schools again. Because the moment I realized let Sheila jackson-lee had shown up at the school board meeting. And that the black superintendent had been put back in and the Brown. Trustees even though they make up a majority because they did a little coalition with Asian even though the Browns have been mound into submission thought. Well, there's gonna be a lot of tension. There's going to be a problem. But when the calming influence, a Sheila jackson-lee arrived. I said to myself, there's the wolf. There's the wolf dissolved me cleaned up this autumn van and you remember the scene where the wolf takes the car to the to the impound, and he goes for breakfast with that with the daughter of the owner because they have a relationship that. And I said we got the wolf. If the wolf has shown up if if the school board is not talking to reporters, but instead sends out Sheila jackson-lee. Debris comb to the person's..

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