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Norris end yes we learn from each other's in business but more than anything at the end we were like wow reid is at that now we have each other when we are afraid or we are bears to admit your scared of something i will have each other no that this journey new newly lonely entrepreneurship especially online space don't see people you're at home all day stop i being our our relationships even more so are really really really important absolutely absurd abe's at a new board of albums so i have to ask you about this ms again it's even myself it on being wachtel two out for so long because i'll just like you i love what you doing i could get started go do not elaine and this this during the french if the relationship just get stronger and that's why i was also really funny bagan ally do not made like all baked someone bit than was also joint i know you and this like the wrought papal keep a law ending together are is a mere brian rain line dare not islands the naked onslaught bids it's a small big world slavic world end a you're married if kids i i think that a lot of people in entrepreneurs need to realize that this business to me the money whatever all of that crop clients got his only success if i am a good wide friend sister daughter ersan outside of all of this because if i'm gonna make all his money but i've known to share with a rival the funny but i know it back not a person right now not a good ma wenge exile michaels is the great mom and business owners as a sign that this is that's not success is all about the money and what not in a coach ron money but i want people understand that i can success is only actually success if you're genuinely happy in your good bursted and you actually like talk to your kids.

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