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Kunar more american than a tim hortons double double who the hell's tim cure in kunar country i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point and by the way i'm hoping for it because i think one way you get rid of trump is crashing economy so please bring on the recession sorry if that hurts people but it's either roofer recession or you lose your democracy now they're openly rooting many on the left for an economic recession crash because they want trump to be defeated this is how desperate they are to bring this president down six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight let me throw one more quick log on the fire so we are now seven and a half hours approximately seven and a half hours away from the historic summit between president trump and little rocket man little rock at the man has now been driving around singapore kidding he's looking for a mcdonald's he's heard about mcdonalds he wants to stuff his face with mcdonald's so i don't know what he finally found the mcdonald's i don't know what he ate but you know probably at least three big macs and a large french fry okay knowing him but anyway after he stuffed his face at mcdonalds what is to me incredible is he's now taking a late night jaunt around singapore and he's going to all the top part tourist attractions and destinations everywhere he's going he is being greeted like a rockstar thousands of people are lining up taking pictures of him chanting mr kim mr cam mr kim you have people taking selfies with him i i don't know like he's i don't know like he's the second coming of elvis presley or something i and i'm thinking is he's a mass murderer he's one of the most brutal ruthless dictators in the world who systematically starves half his population to death and you're cheering this guy on you want to take pictures with him has the world gone nuts i in other words he's being faded and celebrated as he's walking around the streets of singapore and you have the liberal left in this country that's rooting for the summit to fail in many ways they are siding with cam over trump they prefer rocket man to trump that's how extreme there trump derangement syndrome is their hatred for this president is but you know i'm just asking myself a very simple question.

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