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And finally actor morgan freeman is denying sexual harassment allegations against him freeman released a statement saying anyone who knows or works with him should know that he would never intentionally offend or make someone feel uneasy freeman adds that he apologizes to anyone was felt disrespected by him cnn says it spoke with sixteen women with eight claiming to be victims of freemen's misconduct and eight saying they witnessed that the network says some of the alleged victims work with the eighty year old actor on movie sets some our reporters and others claiming happened that is los angeles production company reveille revelations entertainment up next look at weather right now let's find out about traffic here is mainland more stuck in traffic we've got the answer it's getting better but the h one is still backed up more than usual behind the h one eight to merge its lows before you get to kunia road the good news is you'll move much better as soon as you get through the merge jam has gone at the middle street merge and traffic's moving at a good pace through downtown from the east it's also improving but still a little slow on the h one from the old while i road overpass to the mccully overpass looking at mostly sunny skies with isolated showers high near eighty four degrees trade winds ten to twenty increasing northeasterly twenty to thirty miles per hour late this morning and into the afternoon and that is the latest i'm chaz ontai right here on am six hundred ninety and fm ninety four point three the answer well unfortunately as good luck am six hundred ninety and fm ninety four point three the answer at regular republishing is giving you a chance to.

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