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President Trump, Franklin County, Mike Davis discussed on Joel Riley



The damage done overnight downtown not only looks bad for the city but the entire state of Ohio are state house represents not just the city of Columbus but the entire state of Ohio and it's unfortunate that our fine city has to be cast in a negative light around the state due to the damage not only to the state house with other significant landmarks like the Ohio theatre many cota bus stops and even our own city equipment that we use every day to help resources and help people in the city one of the very basis the sergeant was six ten WTVN still Riley the crowd last night became unruly after ignoring numerous orders to disperse from the intersection of broad and high streets after protests in the doubt the George Ford of Minneapolis those of the hands of a police officer earlier this week sergeant who called noted there were other protests to remain peaceful across the city last night the police used chemical agents to disperse the crowd downtown last night that's when they got unruly demonstrators have been out in force across the country protesting the death of George Floyd a third night of unrest in that city saw police station set on fire along with an unknown number of other buildings elsewhere hundreds of protesters took the streets of Phoenix Arizona last night marching from city hall to the state capitol Minneapolis mayor Jacob fried says looting and riding in his city are unacceptable what we have seen over the past several hours in the past couple of nights in terms of looting is on acceptable our communities cannot and will not tolerate fry commenting after the violence again last night president trump's tweet about using troops to subdue the free for all in Minneapolis now comes with a disclaimer when trump tweeted about the National Guard being sent to quell violence in the unrest plagued the city the tweet was hidden under a disclaimer the language of when the looting starts the shooting stars violates the platform's rules of glorifying violence this after the president signed an executive order focusing on social media after Twitter fact check tweets about mail in voting mark Mayfield NBC news radio more ten TV meteorologist Mike Davis sentenced to four to six years in prison for his convictions on child **** charges Franklin county common pleas judge Karen Phelps was not convinced of Davis's efforts to rehabilitate.

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