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Interview with Broadway stars Rebecca Luker and Danny Burstein, who are a married couple he was starring in Moulin Rouge. When it went dark because of Cove. It He came down with a severe case. Luca had a relatively mild case soon after, but she had been diagnosed just a few months earlier with the progressive disease unless Lou Gehrig's disease Which interferes with the brain's ability to initiate movement and control muscles. So that the Tony nominations were postponed in June because of covert and other nominations will be announced tomorrow was Roman ruins the first show to go dark because there was a case of suspected Cove it in the production. Actually, it wass way were we had on an unusual schedule. We had Thursday matinee and we knew that that people were getting sick all around us. But we didn't know in the company that anyone was sick or anyone in the building was sick. Or suspected of being ill. And we all got a text at around. 12 30. Normal time for show to start for Matt native started two o'clock. And we got a text from our producers that's and come to the house. On and we're going to have an emergency meeting at one o'clock, and so literally, everybody in the building had to be there. Stagehands Thie, Usher's house manager, and they said one of our cast members has taken ill. And he said the doctor right now and it was it was suspected that he might have covet and so to be proactive and to make sure nobody else got sick. They were going to cancel the matinee and evening show and they were going to sterilize everything that they could And I really applaud our producers for taking that step before any other show did on day cancel the show and nobody knew that they were going to cancel the show. Even the House manager said. There's a whole line of people waiting outside to come in the line goes around the block, and he was just told to tell them that an emergency is calm. Mama come up. And we're very sorry, but the show is canceled today. And later on that afternoon, Governor Cuomo actually cancelled all of the Broadway shows today that very day that evening for a month. And how soon after that, did you get covert? Danny? Uh, I think a week later. I was a little over, like nine days later, I was in the hospital. We're afraid to go to the hospital thinking like, well, maybe I don't have cove it but I'll be exposed to it if I do go. Well, I had a feeling I might have it. But, Andi, I gotta try to get a test and that took a week and a half to finally come through. But I felt ill, and my doctors kept telling me if you don't feel if you don't have trouble breathing. Don't go to the hospital because right now the hospitals are dangerous places to actually go. So I was holding on. I was sick and I had fever and I was trying Teo stay away from back as much as I could. And our son Zack was here with us at the time. And I wasn't feeling good. And I decided to take a shower in the evening one evening and I went into the shower and I couldn't breathe and I fell to my needs in the shower. And a voice just came out of me That said, Guys, I need to go to the hospital, and it just literally came out of me. And that voice that decision saved my life. Because my lungs were so bad if I hadn't gone, you know, probably because I just kept any worse on Ben. My son, Zack walked me. To the hospital ST. Luke's, which has been a block and a half away. And he was looking back at me the whole time, you know, so worried about me and you know, it's apparently all you want to do is take care of your Children. You know, desperately take care of your Children and not have him worry. And to see that look in his eyes that worry for me and him. Walking me to the hospital was going reversal and quite emotional for me. Yeah, but they took me in right away. And I got great care there and I'm very grateful to everybody in that. You wrote in your articles that were times you thought you were going to die. Were you reflecting on your life during that time during those times when you thought like I might be dying right now. Sure I was reflecting on everyone in my life that I love. My Children. My wife, my friends, My parents, um leaving my you know. Not being there for my Children not being there for my wife, who was home. In wheelchair. And I just knew that this was not going to be the way and I just did. I was so focused on not letting that happen. Now you know, if circumstances were different in my lungs were little worse. You know, I would have left us left the world, of course. But I was lucky enough that I was able to turn things around. And I mean that I was lucky. I know it was lucky, Um and I just kept my attitude. And they were strong. I was strong enough. Jenny and you're in your articles about having covert You wrote about strength in stillness and trying to find that strength in stillness. What does what does that mean? It had to do with the conservation of my movement. During that time, I knew that anything extraneous took a lot of energy and took the wind out of me. And I knew I had to just find the strength in just being In the bed there and just concentrating on breathing. That that's all the energy my body had strength to do at that particular time. And one of the nurses told me that she gave me a little thing to remember. She said that I should smell the roses. In other words, breathe in through my nose. And then breathe out through my mouth and she's so she said, Smell the roses and blow out the candles. And I thought those were those two phrases were kind of wonderful and they helped get me through because that's what I thought about while I was lying in bed there trying to be a still is possible. That I would one day smell the roses again and then one day I would blow out the candles and move forward. If you're just joining us, my guest or Broadway stars Rebecca Luker and Danny Burstein. We'll talk more about Cove in a.

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