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In Wisconsin hi secretary. Okay you are just How are you doing so awesome in greetings. From Hayward oh Hayward that's a, cool part of. The state what's. Hayward known for Hayward is known for so many things but it. It is called the Hayward lakes area it's famous? For the? Big. Chip. The. Chippewa lake it, is gorgeous and, of. Course Muskie they claim the, largest Muskie ever. Caught seventy are you at a different place in the. State every. Day. Much yeah okay Pretty much usually Mondays I'm in Madison at. The, office, and then off you go all right. You are busy lady let's talk about this I love the, topic you've come up with his lodging with rooftop. Views this is so fun let's, start in Milwaukee. Okay you know. When when you are going on vacation whether it's you know with. Your family or a business trip it's so wonderful? To have a. Great. Hotel Mhm hotel, has a rooftop view or it's got. A bar or restaurant on the top it just makes it special so. Let's kick it off Emma walkie the historic third ward there is the. Award winning. Kempton journeyman hotel it's. One of the city's. Noah's places it is. So cool and they do all these small touches. Just to really class. It up so it's. A. Dog friendly hotel but if you don't have a, dog I, love this, because I'm dog crazy there's a ceramic, dog in every room waiting to greet you That's a lot of their decorum is real vintage Milwaukee things so like ventured summer fest posters you'll find? In. The rooms I'll paying homage to you know one of the great events in the. World but they're rooftop deal. You're gonna find at a place called the outsider it's on the ninth floor of the journeyman hotel it's. An indoor outdoor restaurant and bar that. Is so cool I have been there and I was wild it got written up there was. A story done about the best. Patio restaurants and bars in the world, for us and in the top fifteen. In the world was it Kempton journeymen hotel in the world I mean I read this, article and I'm like are you kidding me Miami in, New York, City, and there was, Milwaukee in so check out the outsider. You know it's it's been cool but it's Milwaukee come. As you are you don't have to be in a suit and tie you know it, was casual and you can play shuffleboard and cornhole. And giant. Jenga well sipping on craft beer looking. At this. Amazing deal all. Right let's go to Oakland. Near the lists more hotel tell us more. The Lismore hotel is cool it used to, be an older property downtown it was, really kind of losing its luster and it just got come poli renovated and. It's a hotel and convention center is in, the heart of downtown. Clare so, it's a short walk to Phoenix Park which is so cool you know you're walking along the. River and it's neat because they even have what's called the planet walk so you heard about the different planets as you're walking and. To state trails are, there and the, farmers market, and the concert series so location is, great but the hotel L. is, really millennial friendly it's big with the. Social spaces modern art scene they have what's called the. Dive bar at the hotel's rooftop so this dive bar you would think right dumpy, it's, a dive bar Ono it used to be the. Location of. The hotel tummy call and it was. Located where. The current bar. Is and so they call. It the dive bar because of the great. Diving board they had fun so they have, a great drink menu and they do, rotating cocktails depending on the season or the holiday this year they invade six. Different pactel's that were inspired by by all, of the artists that. Perform in, Justin Vernon's oh Clair's music festival and the arts festival so just a really hip place and. Again if you're millennial I'm telling you this is the place for you do even if you're our age to I would like to. Go with Yousaf that, would be great And, we'll, invite bony. Avair and Justin Vernon who will you guys are nothing but trouble I tell. You what you got sixty seconds, to tell us. About another cool property the shower mountain across crosses newest the. Sharma hotel is the only independent boutique hotel in lacrosse you've got a view..

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