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This country has gone through yet. Another mass shooting twelve people killed when a man walked into work and opened fire. It happened in Virginia Beach. Correspondent Jim Krasula latest mass shooting has numbed the coastal resort city of Virginia Beach, Virginia Sheila cooked works at the city municipal operation center were disgruntled worker opened a fire. It's just surreal and you see this on the news all the time, and you just pray for the people and you just hope that they're ok. But you never think it's going to happen to you. But when it happens to you, it's just a totally different experience, the Virginia Beach. Mayor calls it the most devastating day in the city's long history. Jim Chris cillizza? Yes. New the suspect who has not yet, been named was a city employees are, then Trump is defending his decision to open a new front in the trade war imposing tariffs on Mexico in just over a week. But as. Correspondent Nancy Cordes reports. Members of the president's own party are warning. This may not end. Well, this range, you for example, what Joni Ernst a Republican from Iowa is saying in response to this White House, move, she said, if the president goes through with this, I'm afraid progress to get this trade agreement across the finish line will be stifled. So these are members of the president's own party who are saying, do not do this. There's no way we can come to a broader trade agreement. If the White House goes through with these tariffs, Americans, imported six point seven billion dollars worth of vegetables, and five point three billion dollars worth of fruit and nuts from Mexico last year. President Trump has announced that he will formally kick off his twenty twenty reelection bid in the heart of Florida. It's about a ground state crucial to his strategy for remaining in the White House. He says, it'll take place June eighteenth in Orlando at the twenty thousand seat, Amway's the Mr. Trump lost Orange County home to our. Orlando in two thousand sixteen th remains of a child were found Friday, and your freeway in Arkansas officials want to know if it's the body of Malayan Davis of four year old girl, from Houston, who's been missing for nearly a month. Michael skin is with Houston PD. Of course,.

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