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Clocking drains for 99 bucks. No, ma'am. Lots of homeowners like you calling about hot water heaters lately. I bet you smell good plumbers get a pretty penny for diagnosing these things. Didn't they tell you? The house call is free for residential home owners would take type water heaters. No way Stinky is ruder charters, boombox diagnose our last water heater. I know A lot of clients have told me that if I remember right there guarantee only covers the first year. They used that as the Stry standard, but the mike diamond standard covers the whole thing. If the hot water heater leaks five years and 11 months down the road, we'll install a new one for free, including labor. That's crazy talk. It may be crazy, but it's true. This's my diamond, and I guarantee my plumber will show up on time and smoke good or your house called is free. Have a smell Good plumber, Diagnose your hot water heater for free. Call 1 804 46 Mike or check out the hot water heater's page at mike diamond dot com Contractor's license. Number 399170 K F. I live everywhere on the car radio app. Can am 6 40. Hey, if I am 6 40 more stimulating talk. Live from the city of Angels. This.

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