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You drink clorox in die. No Bleach Clorox fucking expensive. I tried to fuck in the dollar general bleed. You calm soccer's fuck Outta here life nowadays all right ongoing egg shells so for the past couple of weeks. The show will be so fucking awesome if we could say entirely but we can ugly. You know you fucking kill me because you've racial stuff and I've never heard you do. An outrageous allred stopped say. was that an album. It's ended it's not an outrage. It's not the color. aww Kenny. Every time I get all Guindo Luna were fuck it is but it's not. It's not done in malice. No I understand and it's not an outrage I. I don't think it was an outrage rage. I was more trying to explain And and if it seemed like that you know whatever but it was it was more of me trying to also explain why why they took the actions that they did you go what. I'm saying like why why it was looked at was looked at the way that it was looked at. I took it as Moore's like listen. We're all ratio ratio in our life. Everyone racial everyone is regards. What did you say an ally in our family whenever even model in my family who was at the A- and it's not saying that this is N. Word is talking shit like this guy because identifying or trying to identify this person who we is if I said you know me and James wanted to go hang out any always james the African American one? No I'm going to say the black dude. Ah That's racist black right again like I was saying it was a more of an outrage because the same thing I am understand what you're saying because there's times where I go on you know other other podcasts. Or whatever and they put a black excellence right. Black Hawk okay. I'm not on on on their on their group pages under group pages wherever like black excellence whenever they are described or whatever but then if I'm like okay he's a black champion no he's he's got to be an African but you just said he's right so it's like I get it I get where it's coming from and we live in a day and age where I I think he was just protect. You seem like you were in races. Maybe but you Colombians is our raises. DMZ Dude that's racists in on its own Bro makes. Oh we're next Ed. Thanks for the half hour detour. Sorry I love it. It's for the show up next for the culture but colder up next. It was announced and confirmed that Kelly Kelly Klein Ring of honor. Women of honor champion has been fired a while. Why while under a concussion WPRO while having a concussion so she's under post Concussion Syndrome under posted campus champion? BJ whitmer her husband was found out. They're married Tom now. The cat is now the cat is out of the bag. Yes my wife. Kelly Klein was fired by ring of honor. COO joke off via email. Can we capitalize that. I E W allred letters. We're going to need that belt back. Who's the evening not a phone call in email? Yeah if you. That'd be Korean. He'll he's still very much suffering. Posting cushing syndrome was fire while still injured. I think if we go back to the main problem that will that will was had was Kelly. Klein suffered suffer concussion. And no one gave concussion protocol. I remember that whole story a so so blower Joey Mercury and the and the whistle blower which says it could be a good gimme Joey Mercury came out and exposing wonderful back them. And hence your woman of our champion. Kelly Klein is now fired from the company. The problem was is. She wasn't fired. What they said was would after BJ said email. No no no but they know what what what they said To retract it was that we didn't fire her. We sent her an email to say that we're not honoring her contract which her contract is up six months from now. Okay wait a minute. That's not how you do business in wrestled right and you know. Have a ring of honor and I quote quote. We don't generally discuss personal issues but they seem to have made it public. We didn't fire Kelly Klein. We just notified her that we will be we would not be renewing her contract. What kind of fucking Professionals Che's the heck was up in six months and it wasn't like it was done tomorrow? Yeah Yeah it was done in six months so wow you play out and say due to an unfortunate injury as she does she occurred she has to drop the bell right. Do Business and do business for yourself now. You look like an Aso. What who who's doing right now W be with with a C. H.. They're not saying anything they were just like. He's not under contract. That's they're not saying anything about it. There's a difference with it because AC. I'm just just saying in general yeah. Ach made it a bigger is right right. Needed more a bigger issue. But they're not getting into it. I was always interested. Yeah exactly at our age made it more of a fucking a flabbergasted. Fuck it on a new store right. What should have been but you should have just said addition to center fuck it message anyway? Every concert was up at six months. Just let it be right and they made a big deal. We're going to need you to drop the belt. I I think I think this highlights. The fact ring of honor has not only been Unprofessional in the past year or so their overall the dumpster fire said is going for a lot of it. And I'm going to say that's just a coincidence. That's just not his actually. I'm not I'm not going to give bully the clients to bully ray because I do want you on the show because I wanted to talk to you right seriously. It's not him. m s the the the the the powers that be higher of them. They don't know how to deal with wrestling jargon so it's one of those things to wear If they were probably spoken to arresting Aficionado that day they would've s q too easily but but they tried to enjoy mercury and on and they just let him go and bullies there. I don't think bullying is On Oh not same level. I think he's just a book I don't think he's he's he's just he's just booking match an agent. He's not on that high level. I don't think he's that so I can't i. Can't I canal. Put the weight on him to ring. Here's closes the doors. Here's all about hold on. What are here's my prediction dumpster fire? Here's my prediction for twenty twenty. Before the end of next year the video library will be property of WWe. I've believed that. Yeah I do I do. Before the end of twenty twenty I agree with ring of honor or impeccable by Ideo nope ring avante video library access. The yeah they got money but our video library because look look who they got the best of. Aj Styles the best. Samoa Joe you know you can even throw Siham Pumpkin. They're doing if they ever fucking do business again do the best of CNN. PUNK tyler. Black lack in all these guys. Of course they're going to take the video library. So it's it's GonNa be property. W W W before twenty twenty which is sad because they've had such ring around had such good shows for like being their biggest or whatever and everyone took their talent and then everybody took their town and they did not anticipate everything that was is going to happen. Honestly like I don't want it to close down or wants to be a F- Phoenix okay. I wish that I could like. WWe Word Engulfing Golfing as one of the minor league. Kinda have but I think it'd probably be better as Abia impact or a new Japan thing because You know evolve. Aw is already under the umbrella but I think they they fucked themselves time. They really know honestly it all started with the way they dealt with the bucks and and coating. Yeah but you know but you know what does I could do a whole fucking code. But I'm just saying that could have been handled way differently. They could have been a big time. We go about that but Yeah I think at the end. I'm hoping that ring ovonic and get a bounce is backed by happened. I did it for it official as ACH is officially out of WWE. He was as a released from his contract. This week. he's now ach and he already has an Indie book. And I think he's listening tonight. I was yesterday yesterday. He already has. which don't don't don't I usually take ninety days? Nano they'll go. They wasn't even a released from the contract. I think they just like so. Oh He's no longer under contract with me but he he continues as on twitter. He says on twitter the he saving Alexander and trying to get him out of the company as well and and the wife commented with a please help him Jif basically green with. Ach they want Cedric Alexander out of the company as well are they putting their nose into someone else's business hero well What the fuck are we now affecting other people's fucking Contracts I got to hear this from you because I know you're telling me when we're talking about six thousand other tweets before Louis this dude alone and now they're speaking for that essentially trying to escape keep him getting trying to fucking escape him outer and the wife agree wife says the wife the wife wife agreed with. Ach Jif please help him. And said yes. They must not like money. Guess money and it's not like he has a bad spot. It's not like sage has a bad spot on the roster fucking. Ach though it wasn't like money. I don't know I mean I get somethings bigger than money but this is just this is bringing memorabilia rush problem. Yeah now I who I Leo Burp ripper. I'm good. I'm did you get a job. And it's like Bro. It's up the fucking better to make a statement in the way that Leo Russia's doing it than the way. Ach is not make sense. And not only that if you could make if you're GONNA make a stand for something do it within the system. That's what yeah that's what outside because you were like a fool and nobody's is gonNA WANNA book This Alexander Alexander say anything no exactly you bet the land he shouldn't but he shouldn't. He shouldn't interesting anything about his business definitely. Well it's crazy because it comes up is hgh in this in in the bitter Roma's now Bret Hart or we listen. Let me explain to you in the ground everybody innocent everybody. Has This What you call it When it comes to minority listen fine we all know W W W we is a Republican fucking company they make billions of dollars? They're under the fucking trump regime because of Linda McMahon or whatever the case may be we get it. We're GONNA say vits loves to play like he's a black fucking fan or whatever right but he does the whole shopping and Jive and lobbying. The only ones that we know that right now has not been taught in that line. Is Bobby Lashley fucking Maybe Apollo crews whatever oil titus O'Neil but everybody else this is just you know better prepare. I'm black and I'm going to be okay. Fine what more do you want. Do you want a black on company guy you you make good money make fucking promotion right make your own black own promotion. It's not me I'm GonNa sit there and suck anybody's dicta. Look what fucking Brian. Acceler fucking amazing Red Day they may do fuck promotion. Booker T. has down freaking Saying he's got of old and they make their own wave house. Glory has been doing this for eight fucking nine years. Yep this it should should have been shut down long ago and it's still here do agree. I'm a naughty owned company. And you guys okay worker you went. Oh My fucking black but did you find out you know what machine was getting. It's it's naturally. They liked you. They made you in the break came. He's like Oh my oh I'm not gonNA own my iron going around this slave name fucker you came about what's your name and you rocked the entire break. You made it up if you with the beginning to change before the break yet yet is. I don't understand this I hate this woke shit when motherfuckers. WHO's not woke? And just do it and try to act like and you do it for fucking cloud it makes no. Oh Fuck says. I'll be the first to tell you yo- that should as fucked up what you doing. Leave it alone. Don't do that. I'll be the first one right. Why is it that it's all of a sudden you make good money? You're fucking arm. The company likes. You didn't have to make you. The fucking breakout star of the tournament. Yeah and they did. I gotTa Champi. It'd be chip shot. We'll take you to focus swerve beforehand. Yeah S. hundred percent one hundred but you know what the end of the day Maj whereas on the card all right. He's not so your life and your going as swore was gonNA come up again and by the way Like I mentioned before and as far as going to be hot beverage as right beverage dream. mm-hmm oh Keith Lee do money. She profits own money coffee They all go money. Oh the fuck you live in a fucking and in a roster that it's eighty five percent white okay but you still have the new day still hot and they bring and making money man Hans..

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