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We'll just sit and wonder what dinosaurs would look like today if they continue to evolve probably. Man. I don't know winter cities. I mean, there are a lot of predator dinosaurs. They're were like oh, yummy little mammals. I don't know. We might have hunted. What's actually, very interesting is the dentist. That's another story. We hunted. This giant killed off. Also the dinosaur with the biggest brain was by people and about six feet tall. They're code version. Evolution. TV show Taina source. No, it's like, it's probably like that could've been thing. If dinosaurs were allowed to evolve a lot of curses and the. Feet pocketing brain like the thing that might have led to humane. Anyway, my life is give it be careful walking your dog. Hey. Mike inquiries linked to dog walking went up one hundred sixty three percent from two thousand four two thousand seventeen. Seventy eight percent of the fractures that occurred while dog-walking where amongst women. And. I think it was more than fifty percent wherein seniors. So while you may be being courage. If you're over the age of sixty five to get out and exercise new so without your nugget because there's a compound ING of its, and what's really sort of just insane about this story is that. One of my kids grandmother. Broker rest. Walking dog, which they say is fifty percent of the injuries. I'm sorry. Fifty percent of the injuries in seniors. Seventy eight percent of the seniors who walk dogs are women who get injured and percent of those injuries are upper arm fractures with accurately would happen. Eram a- and win. It is describing the fact that like it was unavoidable. Yeah. Became from walking dog. I mean, it's outdoors. It's the great outdoors. I mean, you could get a dog and hire a dog Walker and stay at home. And but don't just one squirrel away from that, hip or arm or you smell train your dog not to pull. Also, you could also slip in the shower. So their injuries everywhere. But yeah, yeah. No anyway, care Chevra, walking, doc. That's all we're saying just get a small dog. And and as as my mom used to say be good. If you can't be good, be careful careful. Oh well. Thanks, mom. All right. We have made it to the end of another episode of this week in science. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of this show for bringing us into your life for today. I would love to say thank you to. If you people who have helped to make this show possible to Fatah for helping with show, notes and social media to identity for for helping to record the show to Gordon McLeod, and Ben Roth others in the chat room who maintain our chat room and keep it a nice place to hang out and talk about science. I would also like to thank our patriots sponsors. Thank you to Paul Disney. Richard Onuma said dire. Stu pollick. Philip. Shame can Hayes Harrison brothers. Charlene. Henry Joshua fury. Steve develops Wilson. Tony steel Craig land and Mark Mazari's, Jack. Matthew win Jason Roberts. Bill K. Bob called.

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