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Santa, Ana canyon all the way to just before green river. Road. Next report at six forty five. I'm we're in Nickerson. With more traffic reports, more often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio plan Lena. Mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog overnight, little bit of drizzle, hanging out, otherwise turning sunny later in the day, and the light winds fifteen miles per hour, lows tonight, the fifties sixties are hostile the sixties and seventies right now, vine at sixty four Downey at sixty five in Tarzana sixty six and Anaheim hills, sixty seven degrees at six thirty seven point five day forecast, coming up at six forty five to one knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. Catcher number Karen. Did you mean one hundred sixty seven percent yesterday lake cafe restaurant Charles checking. So meeting, oh, the Capital One assistant, the catches things that might look wrong like over tipping than sentinel to your phone and helps you fix it. Another way capital. One is watching out for your money when you're not Capital One. What's in your wallet capital? One dot com for details. Limitations apply. Hi, I'm Jay Farner CEO of Quicken Loans, thirty percent of Americans who are planning home, improvements of five thousand dollars or more pay for those renovations, with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea, a better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with a Quicken Loans. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage, the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four point three seven five percents, APR four point six five percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Three percent. Information and conditions. Equal housing lender. MLS number thirty thirty. Story. Laws trailers. Only members of the lost trailers, I met and started writing music in high school. Their first show was that Willie Nelson's annual fourth of July picnic, eventually formed the following themselves playing one hundred per year, but where their name come from. Unfortunately, not once not twice, but three times the band's equipment trailer was stolen. Hence the lost trailers. Here's a program from our archives. Most people think of cultural history something that's written.

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