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I think is really, really intriguing. Take a listen. They went after my family. Might my finances. My employees almost everyone that I've ever known worked with. But they are really going after you. That's what it's all about not about us. It's about you. They tried to erase your vote race your legacy of the greatest campaign and the greatest election, probably in the history of our country. And that to me is valuable rhetorical tool for this president, because it encapsulates the Muller report it encapsulates so much of the scandal. That's invalid this White House at various stages. It captures so many of the misdeeds of the of the Trump cabinet of the Trump family. Businesses of the issues is children have been involved in and says, look, all of these things, you're hearing about its noise because it's about you. They're trying to erase you. And this is the president essentially playing the victim in many ways, right? Saying that the system has been out to get him that Washington in this. Swamp or against this president, and he's using that as a way to, to try and relate in many ways to his supporters right to, to that forgotten American to say, I understand, when you feel that the system is out to get you into bring it to the events that are going on in Washington this week a key moment just today. Mary hope Hicks, the former White House communications director, longtime campaign spokeswoman for the Trump campaign on Capitol Hill to answer questions about the Muller report, the first top Trump official to be called up there since the report itself was released. Of course, there's a lot of issues that she can't talk about, but too many Democrats, that's very problematic. They want they still want answers on this as the investigative front goes on, even without impeachment yet. And this is a big moment for Democrats. And this on-going seemingly never ending fight between House, Democrats, and the administration over what Democrats as administration stonewalling of all of their requests. And yet today finally they. Are going to be able to, to grill, a member of the president's inner circle for the first time since the release of the report, and I think it's important to remember just what a key player hope Hicks is she such a familiar, face by the president's side. She was a key to him during the campaign. Then, of course, the White House communications director, she was by the president side for so many key moments that came up in the Muller report. In fact, she's one of the most frequently cited witnesses in the mellow report. And so Democrats right now as we speak are questioning her about incidents of alleged obstruction. They also told wanna ask her about those hush money payments that were made to stormy Daniels. The question is, how forthcoming is she going to be because we know that the Trump administration and the president has directed her not to speak about her time as his senior adviser they believe that she should be immune from that line of questioning, and that sets up a fight over that big never ending question up over executive privilege. And how far is this administration going to go to prevent someone like hope Hicks from being able to answer these questions? And Mary, how does this fit? It in, in your mind and covering the hill to the larger issues around impeachment that, that the democratic caucus is right now wrestling with we're going to talk in a few moments to the, the house minority whip ski, Steve Kalisa, we know where he stands on impeachment. But it is an active question that Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues are are trying to navigate what how does a hope Hicks testifying and all the document demands. How does that all fit in? Well, in some ways, Democrats would say, look. They are having some success in being able to gather the information and pursue their investigations if you are democratic leader and someone who is urging caution as you hear that drumbeat to impeachment they can point to hope Hicks coming in and say, look, this is working, right? Like let's follow the facts, let's continue to pursue our line of inquiry..

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