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That idea that this is your initial introduction into a band and it's something that's instead of like okay. Let's try and do something that's going to be and sort of really gets you know gets us out there. Let's do something. It's like a minute minute fifty six and just get in. Say what you need to say. Get out yeah just feels very a piece of the clash. Abandoned would later go on by the time you get to like Sandinista putting out three record albums and songs that are seven eight minutes long some of the dancy type soft. That's interesting it's about. You know certainly in their early years with the first album. Very much of the pop playbook or the PUCK PLAYBOOK. I should say You know a song that is very direct with its lyrics and I think it makes sense for a song. That's direct about what talking about to have. Obviously it's very much a three quarter type song and also to be sort of shortened in terms of the length of it All right that's it dude. Made a statement over blow to thrown down man cutting the fat the fat. Okay Winfield my second choice. I do like it. We're moving along moving along with this. Is going to be a quick episode. You guys. We'll put in. We'll put amusing and stuff out little fat and it is a song. Please please please let me get what I want. Okay by the Smith. Good Times for a chance to see the Lockhart Can make a good man turn his play when you're listening to know. Oh wow the size of the Sonnen loop in your car. Which hardwired to the song titled.

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