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And before and this point there are three three types markets by the way there's there's a growth market just kinda like the name suggests those markets are on the rise with population moving upward entrenching well we like to say these markets are booming there are stable markets these markets are stable steady aren't really going are really going anywhere they will brief fluctuate upwards or downwards and they won't be growing at a very rapid pace often times they'll be chessen of growth to keep up with inflation declining markets now in this market may want to hold on tied because these markets on a downward slope with the population and job market decreasing it is wise to be careful when you're in a declining market so again when in the market it's always best slack one that best alliance with your specific investing goals for example an investor who only wishes to go into investing for cash flow instead of banking on appreciation should probably opt for a more stable market pretty difficult to tell whether any given mark it is is wise to invest in and they're certainly no guarantee however so long as you make good investing decisions such as buying right and financing right by right most of the time is spine at a deep discount or with a value at play financing right most of the time is getting favorable terms but as long as you buy right and finance why you should be pretty solid last but not least for today is how to analyse deals a step number four now this is another tricky tricky tricky area but again i'm going to simplify it for you as simple as possible so that we we eliminate the intimidation we eliminate the fear it's funny because i come from background in which analyzing deals a soul normal to me every last w two job was an investment analyst and as an investment analyst i was analyzing multi.

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