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Know it's springtime it's and it was, freezing and it was not even really optimal weather to be working, outside but when everyone's doing, it Yes I mean springs. The, time get. Out, there. And do it make your house, Brady depression wash this weekend oh man chose this week in the pressure wash yes I did oh man it's between between all the the the rain and. The weather and everything else Look, I've dealt with? A. Lot of mud this weekend I'm just glad. To be here not have mud in my. Hair man it's. Been, raining. And raining and it's like rain one. Week, one day. It's, like. Sunny and then like three or, four days it rains MAC the rain again Mhm has been crazy, I'm over. It Bring out the sun yes get your house ready for for the. Leinen listed you being a real tour what do you think some of the top things somebody should do to get their house list is because we had this little article here about we're gonna post that on, the website for getting your house listed are the twenty top tips for listen to your. House for sale for the spring rush but what do? You, think the the top top, items well I'm looking, at your list agree with your list but if I, had to say the two main things I would say to anybody getting their house ready to list would be the two. Main things are declutter and clean degrom you need to clean your house? Like you don't even live there right and you need to declutter like you don't live. There either and you don't own anything nobody. Wants, to. See all your little person dick right and and the other thing is when you go in people's, house because let's be real. People are you know people are interesting so learn a lot about some of. The. House and you. Kinda just forget I ain't even looking more Very neat very. Shocking or whatever it happens your house can stand. Up. For the wrong reasons exactly so in a lot, of, times we disturbed, by, wow look, at that or. You know I just sold I disclosed a house and they, literally when when, we closed they were like I really wish. I could meet these people I'm just curious because they. Were really kind of dull And it wasn't that it, didn't have personal, effects it was just like even their furniture. And the colors and everything was just very very vanilla I'm just really and they were like I think this is probably the two, most boring I was like I don't know maybe they're like librarians or something dislike I. Dunno it was really then. You then you want, to meet him to see? All about so it goes both ways some. People. Are overly can you know conservative on there's nothing and it's very to two basic yeah and, then some people have way. Too much stuff, on it all come, on man for real putting all that in there The, there's a lot of cool things in this list and me just pick. It all out, use it to. Your own discretion but at the, same. Time we, can't go through them all but man.

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